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    Popup Windows

    Create pop-up widows on your pages, or over text, images, etc.
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    Site Navigation

    Code for expandable menus and other site navigation techniques.
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    Keep a uniform look or expedite the coding process using templates.
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HTML Table Builder is a class that allows you to easy build tables within your code.

This part of SP Engine handles all data representation using easy to learn syntax structures and allows you to query MySQL databases or other dynamic content sources from inside the structures without hard PHP coding.

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Using a function called inline(), this program allows you create web pages that can be read in a tree-based manner. When a user clicks on one of your "inline" links, the relevant information is placed into that location on the page, so they can read it alongside the rest of the page.

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Process and email the data of a HTML form with no more than three lines of code.

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A PHP class that can generate JavaScript tooltips. It works on all major browsers (no transparency on Opera, though). In IE, the tooltips show above HTML SELECT elements, as they should. The appearance of the tooltips is template-driven. Only the onmouseover and onmousemove events need to be specified, not onmouseout.

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This class helps you easily create printer friendly versions of your page. Just insert some custom tags in your pages to tell the script what needs to be printed from that specific page. An unlimited number of areas can be set for printing, allowing you a flexible way of setting up the content to be printed. The output is template driven.

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Three table classes for various tasks. Bs_HtmlTable can manipulate content, attributes and styles and render the data to an HTMLtable. Bs_HtmlTableWindrose allows styles to be set to relative positions. Bs_HtmlTableStyle allows predefined styles to be applied to any data.

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Have a single, easily maintained page frame defining layout and design. The actual content is dynamically read from separate files on demand as specified by a parameter.

This class provides an easy and intuitive way of handling both HTML form design, based on templates, and basic server-side form validation. Server-side and client-side custom validation can also be implemented very easily. It provides all the basic controls in an HTML form, including file upload, password and date picker controls.

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Showing 1-9 of 9 Resources