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A guide for webmasters and programmers who are in search of CGI, Perl, or PHP script archives and link directories.

This is one of the best resources for PHP information currently available. It offers high-quality how-to columns on a wide range of PHP topics, a shared code library, active forums, job posting and much more.

Articles, tutorials and code, with emphasis placed on MS Windows, ISAPI, COM, ODBC, ActiveX on Linux, databases, installation procedures, GD and cross platform issues.

PHP articles, web management articles and other related topics that will help you build better websites and work more efficiently.

Hints and tips from an experienced web developer.

A directory of PHP books, development software, jobs, magazine articles, online communities, programmers, scripts and programs, tutorials and web sites.

A resource for scripts, code snippets, links and more.

A french portal to PHP resources. It offers news, press releases, announcements, a FAQ, tips, forums and more. It also includes resources about Linux, APACHE, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Regex, XML, Zend, IMAP, LDAP and more.

This website is designed to show programmers how to write good code, taking them from a beginner to a master. It also provides services and products that make writing PHP easier.

Webucator provides customized instructor-led PHP training for all levels.

A tutorial collection site with more than 12,000 tutorials in various categories. More than 1,500 are related to PHP.

A web 2.0 code-sharing community that allows users to upload and share code snippets and tutorials. It features tags, comments and blog integration.

This site includes tips and tutorials about many aspects of web development using PHP. This includes a tutorial, tips, Drupal tips and more generalized aspects of web development.

PHP, CSS and MySQL tutorials, beginner tips, common errors and example code.

Includes well-written articles on PHP, press releases and announcements concerning the language and related forums for discussion of PHP topics.

DevArticles publish daily ASP, PHP and .NET articles and tutorials. We have huge developer forums, free eBooks, daily developer news and more!

Get up to speed with in-depth articles on new technologies, keep up to date with the latest developer news, and connect and discuss with other developers in your local area and all over the globe.

A PHP and MySQL resource site with source code, tutorials and videos.

A wide variety of articles and reviews related to PHP programming and design, tailored for both beginners and expert programmers.

PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Java/C/C++ tutorials, scripts, code snippets, troublshooting and a developing community.

A comprehensive collection of tutorials, articles and resources for web development.

Collection of programming tutorials and resources in a number of languages such as Java, ASP, PHP, C#, VB, XML, C++ and much more.

This site offers tutorials, links to programs and discussion forums for PHP developers and users.

Articles and forums for software developers, supporting PHP, Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, and regular expressions.

You can find free PHP scripts, tutorials, articles and news on this site.

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Showing 1-25 of 31 Resources