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    These programs can display the count invisibly or by using text or images.
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    Counter Hosting

    These programs let you offer counter services to others from your site.
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    Display the number of visitors to your site with an image.
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    Online Users

    Display the number of visitors that are currently visiting your site.
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    Text Based

    A quicker and easier method to display a counter is using text only.
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A flat file, text-based counter that counts the number of hits on a single page and stores it in a Text file. Simple to setup and use. Requires no database to store information.

  • Free

This script shows the number of hits on your site. It's very easy to install and easy to ad in any web page. It counts an infinite number hits and you can display the count on your site an any required font style.

  • Free

An easy to use counter that does not require registration. Allows you to use themes.

  • Free

A very simple counter with text or image display, counting of all hits or just unique hits, a flat-file database and implementation with only one line of JavaScript.

  • Free

Every time a user clicks on a download link, this software inserts a record into the database before sending the file to the user.

With this script you can give the same name to one or more pages, and register and analyze stats by page name instead of individual URL.

  • $9.95

An object-oriented script that counts unique visitors and remembers return visitors by setting a cookie.

  • Free
Showing 1-7 of 7 Resources