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A banner management and tracking system that can handle multiple banners(any size) per client, view daily/overall stats, and send stats to clients via email.

This is a simple yet very powerful PHP/MySql driven banner rotation program. Complete with an admin control panel, ad stats, image-based ads and rich text ads. Designed for single-site use.

  • Free

A fully functional banner/ad rotation system to manage banners across your website. It supports plain or rich media banners, HTML code generation for banner display, banner stats and groups. You can add, edit and remove banners and groups, and view system settings.

  • $9.99

Manage your banner, text and third-party ads from one place. Easily activate/deactivate, edit, delete or add new ads to your ad rotator without editing HTML pages. It supports all standard ad sizes.

  • $39

An advertiser network script for banners, popups and textlinks. Manage thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers in one script. Every advertiser can manage multiple campaigns on one account. Includes targeting by language/time/categories and more, different anti-cheating functions, and free automatic script updates.

  • $600

This script parses XML feeds from pay-per-click (PPC) networks and fetches ads to the browser. Output format is controlled by a template. The script can eliminate the possibility of unintentional fraud by optionally using JavaScript to output ads (with URLs divided into small chunks).

  • Free

Sell Adwords-like text advertisement spots on your website. Features Paypal subscription support, full hands free automation, an ad package and ad template editor, ad box designer, multiple ad spots support and a high degree of customization and flexability.

Implement a text ad system for your site in a few minutes. Features user management, site approval buffer, full customization of interface and email messages, multiple domain support, and keyword-based targeted ads.

  • $40

An easy to use ad rotating system that works with a text-based database. It uses JavaScript for rotation of ads, ads can be rotated on an HTML or PHP page, supports Flash, text-based and JPG/GIF/PNG ads, tracks stats for the last 30 days, includes a customizable banner refresh rate, automatic ad-expiry and an admin panel.

  • $6

This script will allow you to sell banner or text ads on your web site. Ads will be rotated on different zones as you set them up in your admin area. You will be able in the admin area to set as many ad packages and zones as you wish. Each zone represent an area on a page where ads are rotated.

  • $187

This script detects a visitor's country and displays relevant affiliate ad code or any image text code. Works with any affiliate code including Amazon widgets.

  • $23.50

Light and easy to use AJAX-based ad management software that lets you sell ads on your sites. You can create unlimited advertising zones, rotating ads,and banner or HTML ads. It features flat (time-based), CPM (impressions-based) and CPC (clicks-based) pricing plans, manual management of advertisers and more.

  • $29

A simple program which rotates content with an advertisement. This works by limiting the number of people who see your advertisements.

  • Free

A fully featured, MySQL-driven ad-rotating system that is easy to use and advanced in features. Includes support for image, Flash and text ads; unlimited groups to run separate ads in each group; easy four step installation; produces HTML code for ad rotation on HTML or PHP pages; stats display for last 30 days; and more.

  • $15

This ad rotator is a rewrite of AdMentor. It supports multiple banner sizes, HTML banners, stats, banner weighting, banner zones and more.

  • Free

This module allows you to attach category and zone-specific advertisements to the header/footer files for any pages. It supports image and text banners. Impressions and clicks stats are tracked.

  • $69

A comprehensive solution to start your own ads network. It supports text and photo ads; multiple languages, categories, websites and ads; optional display of text or photo ads, or both; ad price setting or pay-per-click pricing; stats and conversion tracking for advertisers; user management; newsletter sending; and more.

  • $450

This million pixel ad script is optimized and automated so you can get your pixel ad site running in no time. Web-based customization with a single global configuration file makes it easy for you to configure your website. Template pages are included so that you can easily add pages.

  • $39.99

An ad server based based on phpAdsNew, enhanced for performance, with many new features, and restructured for expansion. It features agency support, rich media ads, conversion tracking, third-party ad tracking, and optimization for a high-volume multi-server environment.

  • Free

A high-performance ad server designed to handle many hundreds of thousands of ad impressions per hour. Includes IMG or imbedded tag serving, rich media capabilities, simple scheduling, hierarchical section management, invoicing support, up to the hour reporting, email reporting and more.

  • Free

Operate a service which allows domain owners to run PPC search engines, affiliate programs or targeted ad copy on their domain names. It comes with a domain owner and advertiser membership system, integrated with Paypal and 2checkout.

  • $195

An ad manager that focuses on maximising your revenue, saving you time, and keeping you in complete control of your ad space. It can be used to sell and serve ads on any website, and can even be used as a Wordpress plugin right out of the box.

  • $47

A no-frills banner rotation script. It is easy to set up and operate.

  • Free

This script allows companies to signup, make banners and pay you for your advertising service. All you have to do is insert PHP code that is automatically generated by this script on your most visited pages. You can split banners between zones and put them on pages that you know certain type of visitors will visit.

  • $39

Million Pixel Script is based on the popular marketing concept of

  • Free
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