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Professional, fully featured advertisement management. Ads can be used on any webpage and can be displayed through iFrame, JavaScript, PHP include, and multiple Popup options. It can serve classic banners, text ads and ads from templates. It supports unlimited ads, advertisers and publishers; ad targeting; and detailed stats.

  • $125+

Have your own banner ad managing and tracking system. Add and delete banner ads and text ads dynamically. Group ads into different campaigns. It can differentiate between banner and text ad campaigns.

  • $29

Displays targeted text ads from ClickBank's marketplace and allows your visitors to search through ClickBank products without leaving your site. The links are coded with your ClickBank affiliate ID.

  • $34.95

Sell pixels on your website. It includes an admin interface for payment, user and page configuration.

  • $49.99

A fully featured ad-rotating system that is easy to use and advanced in features. Includes support for image, Flash and text ads; a grouping system to run separate ads in each group; easy two step installation; compatibility with a text-based database; produces JavaScript for ad rotation; ad rotation on HTML or PHP pages; and more.

  • $15

Manage manage all the banners from your site. Easy to use admin interface allows you to manage banner zones and clients, and generate HTML code.

  • $49

Run an advertising system throughout your webpages. You can use your own ads or sell the ad space to your users. Classic banners and text-based ads are supported. Each ad may be used in up to five campaigns and each campaign can be configured separately. You can display ads on pages or as popup consoles.

  • $72

Powerful ad serving software to rotate banners, popups and custom ad sizes. Capable of serving over a million ads a day.

  • $349

A powerful word link script, based on the marketing concept of link advertising.

  • Free

This module allows members to bid on ad placement position to appear higher in search results. Members setup their ads and buy a credit balance of funds. The advertiser assigns a "bid amount" to each ad. The bid amount determines the placement of the ad when displayed with other ads in a listing.

  • $119.95

Display a random banner on every page refresh. Simple and easy to use, with no database required. Only one file is needed and instructions are provided to help you easily add banners to display.

  • Free

Create a 'word ad' page similar to a 'pixel ad' page. It supports MoneyBookers and e-Gold. A password-protected admin panel lets you set the base word price, price for colors, font style and size price, and price per character, and features homepage header editing, add/edit/remove site link, site search and currency symbol editing.

  • $19

Manage a site for buying and selling text link ads. It is fully integrated with Paypal and features an admin panel, full control of site colors and font sizes, a FAQ, various display formats for ads, multi-lingual options, and automatic calculation of seller's page rank, link popularity and Alexa page ranking.

  • $79

A text-based ad server that delivers ads like "Ads by Google". It features unlimited zones, XML datafeed, keywords, real-time reporting, single site or network, and more.

An easy way to display and manage ads on your web site. Features random ad placement, ad tracking and billing, and is easy to use.

  • Free

This script allows you to sell banner ads on multiple websites from one place. You can provide advertisers with real-time stats. It is easy to install and comes with free installation.

  • $59

Complete, professional advertising service software to target a large number of advertisers and publishers.

  • $99.95

A classic banner exchange and text ads exchange script designed for webmasters who need fast, reliable, flexible, easy-to-use and fully featured ad management software. You can use it as a simple banner exchange script or make your own ad exchange web site and earn money from it.

  • $27

Automated video insertion software that manages content programming. It allows you to create a television-like experience through inserting commercial advertising spots. Includes a long list of features and supported file types.

Sell text ads on multiple websites from one place. You can display text ads in vertical and horizontal ad boxes. You can provide your advertisers with real-time stats of impressions and hits. This script is easy to install and comes with a free installation.

  • $59

An easy to use ad serving system for large and small sites. The interface is clean and easy to understand so you can add banners and display ads in minutes. It scales well under heavy traffic and is in use on sites which serve millions of impressions per day. Serve rich-text ads, image-based ads, and plain text or HTML ads.

  • $99

This script allows you to host a word cloud, with each word linked to a webpage. Advertisers can pay to choose a word and have it linked to their website.

  • $17.99

This banner bar sits on the bottom of your web pages and uses 125px banners. Easily add, remove, edit and view stats including click-through rate, total clicks and total impressions. Comes with auto-install setup. It can be used on PHP or HTML pages.

  • Free

Help content creators such as bloggers, video bloggers, podcasters and webmasters find advertisers. Advertisers create opportunities that describe the content they are looking to promote. Bloggers then choose opportunities in their area of interest and get paid to blog about that chosen topic.

  • $249

A link bid script to create a profitable link bidding directory. Allow link submitters to bid prices and compete to raise their listings in a category. It offers advanced tools and settings to make your directory look good and easy to use. The bidding is automated.

  • $75
Showing 26-50 of 63 Resources