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A dynamic affiliate application software system that allows you to easily setup and manage your own affiliate program. Upload banners, set affiliate commissions, personalize emails that go to your affiliates and more. Everything is totally managed from a user-friendly web interface.

  • $99.95

A powerful yet easy-to-use script to offer free gifts in exchange for referrals and members signing up for offers. It features customized referral levels, admin can add/edit/manage of users and levels, offers and rewards management, fraud checking and mass emailing to users.

  • $149

This affiliate program features an automated code generator that gives users their unique URL, sends them a confirmation email and sends an email to you. It includes a hit counter and easy installer with free upgrades.

  • $24.95

Start a fully unique paid-to-click web site. Easily setup your own user and referrer pay rates, and link and banner activation fees.

  • $59

This product allows you to easily set up and maintain an affiliate base for your site. This fully automated system allows you to pay your affiliates commissions for sales that they refer to your site. Features include 10-level-deep referrals, ad campaigns to track separate marketing methods and stats detailed down to the hour.

  • $99

Powerful affiliate tracking software which features an intuitively clear and simple web-based installation process, comprehensive statistics, multiple payment systems, Smarty templates for easy design modification, unique banner and text linking codes, unlimited affiliate accounts management, and more.

  • $87

A complete matrix affiliate application with a full developer API. When creating a new user account, the user is sent an email with a verification code which is used to verify that the email address is real.

  • €199

Setup your own Amazon store front where you can sell goods that you specify in the admin panel. It contains easy to edit HTML templates.

  • $80

This software provides automation and flexibility, featuring customizable template driven webpages, full payment and transaction integration with Stormpay and IntGold, and more. Includes a feature to pay your members a 100% matching bonus on their personally sponsored members.

  • $295

A full featured eBay catalog for eBay affiliates with searching and related keywords on every page.

  • €49

This script allows you to create a directory clone of the ClickBank.com marketplace completely coded with your affiliate ID. It uses the ClickBank.com XML file to easily create all categories and links from ClickBank.com on your site. Easy setup and easy to use. Uses mod_rewrite to make the dynamic content appear to be static.

  • $19.95

A fully featured affiliate management system that allows you to offer your own affiliate program. It includes an anti-fraud system, manual or automatic approval of sales and more.

  • $49

An affiliate script designed specifically to work with any Paypal purchase button and almost any Paypal shopping cart system. It can run alongside other Paypal IPN scripts and does not require your IPN URL. It tracks affiliate referrals based on IP and supports up to three levels of commissions. It includes easy installationa and customizations.

  • $24.91

If you can ad "sub_id"to the end of your affiliate links, this script will allow you to run an affiliate network where members sign up and earn commissions on sales. The admin can manage categories, payment methods, payment requests, site settings, pay out, member accounts and more. Members can view stats, request payment and more.

  • $15

Affiliate software that installs and integrates easily into your existing website. It can be integrated with any billing system and has PayPal payment gateway support.

  • $49

A system that allows you to easy set up and maintain your own affiliate program. It supports per click, per lead or per sale fixed or percentage commissions, 2-tier commissions, dynamic configuration of commission amount, payout by PayPal and bank transfer, automatic and manual approval of sales, and more.

  • $69

An affiliate script that lets you approve new affiliates with a single click. It keeps email records of every buy generated by a referral, has a fraud detection system with email notification, includes graphical stats display and more. It can be used as a pay per click, sell or impression system.

  • $199
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Showing 26-42 of 42 Resources