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An auction system that also supports classified ads. You can charge fees for services rendered with payment flexibility, an invoicing system, and its own web store. Ability to create Niche sites, customize the registration form, create selected sellers, run Buy It Now and Fixed price auctions, multilingual support, a web store module, and more.

  • $379
  • $946

Web-based auction software that features a step-by-step installer, full admin control, SSL support, and World Pay, PayPal and 2 Checkout payments.

  • £99
  • $183

This script allows you to start a freelance enterprise. It offers an advanced buying/selling system, PMB, distance calculation, multi-language, multi-themes, multi-currency with conversions, a flash front end portfolio display system, payment via Paypal/Authorize.net/VeriSign, account system for members, sealed bids and more.

This auction script includes many features, has easy administration and can be run as-is, with no modifications, except for simply changing the logo.

  • $499

A fully developed auction system integrated with a variety of well-designed web templates. The auction system allows users to post basic classified ads for free or pay to upgrade their listing's visibility or time. It features private messaging and an admin area to control users, categories, auctions, and template files.

  • $69.95

A turnkey auction script allowing webmasters to start their own paid link directories with an easy way to sell links and get paid instantly with PayPal. It takes just minutes to install and requires zero maintenance.

  • $24.95

Set up your own freelancer portal. It includes an easy four step setup. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation and reports to members, posting and status administration. It offers an escrow service for webmasters and programmers plus a feedback and certified members system.

  • $29.99

Ready-to-use software to start your own Pay Per Head/ Price Per Head/PPH service. It has all the features of Sportsbook software with advanced agent management tools. It's a part of a family of betting softwareand is ideal for existing agents with large customer bases as well as startups that are just getting into the gaming industry.

  • Commercial

This script mimics Swoopo's website and has been tested on a live environment with thousands of site users simultaneously posting bids on different items. It features bid-back and referral systems, shipping status changing from admin panel, CAPTCHA at registrations, bid history, return policy display in auction details page and more.

  • $699

This sportsbook software application features regular and live betting, advanced risk management, bets off pending plays, action reverses, round robins, unlimited number of teasers/pleasers, parlay set-ups and more. It gives you the tools you need to easily manage your sportsbook.

  • $17550

Fully featured betting exchange software with advanced exposure management tools that allow easy startup by offering liquidity on markets and pushing exposure to other exchanges. It is part of a family of betting software and has everything needed to start from the ground up and a build a loyal customer base quickly.

  • Commercial

A powerful, scalable and fully-featured seats penny auction script that lets you create a profitable online website. Manage the entire online auction operation: create new auctions within seconds, view members' auctions and use the auction extension settings tool.

  • $99.90

Begin your own professional online auction website with this fully developed auction software with well designed, easy customizable templates. It is a full featured e-Bay type auction system. General features include a buy-it-now function, dutch fixed price, main page featured auctions, a multi-gallery feature and more.

  • $14.99

This suite of scripts manages an auction site. It supports user accounts, placing auctions, bidding, image uploads for auctions, email, billing through several payment processors and more.

  • $199.95

A unique eBay affiliate typo search script with easy install. It includes automatic generation of misspellings/typos, search by price and country, suggested categories and keywords, an interactive countdown of time remaining, affiliate tracking and results paging.

  • $99.95

A tool which offers items for sale through an auction process. Rather than the bidder with the highest bid winning (as is the case in traditional items auctions), this script can be set where the person who has the lowest unique bid wins.

  • $399

Start your own auction and bidding website. This software is very easy to install, user friendly, search-engine-friendly and can be easily managed from one backend admin panel. It is highly customizable with 100% open source code, easy navigation, flexibility and speed.

  • $9.99

This module for the enuuk auction platform will set up a reverse auction without bid limitations. In a reverse auction, the supplier ("seller") posts an auction and the client ("buyer") bids for the lowest price possible.

  • $128

Run your own auctions site with this script. It supports simple auctions, dutch auctions, fixed price sales and classifieds.

  • $99

Instantly deliver digital downloads from your eBay auctions. It uses Paypal (IPN) to handle sales and automatically deliver your digital download auction products instantly and securely to customers. Supports eBay's "Buy Now", "Store" and traditional auction types. Choose from our pre-made templates or create your own.

  • $29.95

Run a business similar to Groupon.com. Each day you offer users a single fantastic deal for a variety of cities. There is a minimum number of deals that must be sold before everyone can get it. Features include a mobile plugin, Facebook integration, social sharing, multi-template capable, Paypal integration, email subscription and more

  • $178

This script allows you to build a site like eBay. It's easy to manage the site, no technical knowledge required. It's fully automatic from listing to deletion of listing on the prescribed date. Itís integrated with payment systems like PayPal or eGold. Admin can edit the member profile, settings of the payment gateway and more.

  • $350

Sell digital goods on Ebay! Increase the appeal of your digital products auctions by offering instant download delivery. Supports "Buy it Now", "Immediate Purchase" and standard Ebay auctions. This system will protect your downloads by hiding your file locations and limiting the number of times that a customer is allowed to download. It includes easy installation and customization.

  • $14.41

Part of a family of betting software, this script can be used as a stand-alone or linked back to a head office site for liability control and event management. It features an accounting module that generates all kinds of ready-to-submit financial and tax reports, and print tickets for customers. Based on templates to allow easy customizing of the format and data structure.

  • Commercial

Establish a professional online auction website like Ebay.com. You can create an efficient, trusted web platform to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world.

  • $100
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Showing 1-25 of 40 Resources