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    Small message systems that allow your visitors to leave short comments on your site.
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A set of add-ons for FlashChat, including an MP3 player, a web radio player, a banner ad rotator, a text ads/announcements module, an admin module, and an early release of the audio/video module.

  • $5

A simple chat that allows admins to specify if guests are allowed to chat.

Premium high definition video communication software designed for instant 1-on-1 online video conferencing. Graphics and sounds are loaded from external image files. Source code is included PHP, FMIS .asc file, and Red5 .java files. Emoticons are listed in a XML file and loaded from external images.

  • Free
  • $350

Full-featured audio and video chat based on Flash. It supports audio, video and text chat, and features a users list with icons, private room creation, admin with ban and kick by IP, language and nick filter.

  • $550

A simple chat script with very easy installation. The script is designed for lighter traffic and so no database is required. You only need to upload the files and the script works fine. The look and feel is easily editable via CSS.

  • Free

A small web chat where discussion is formatted into classic comics panels.

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Showing 51-56 of 56 Resources