Esvon Classifieds

An advanced classifieds system that features paid posting, paid viewing, any payment gateway, favorites, featured listings, unlimited files/photos, what's hot and what's new listings, unlimited categories/subcategories, expiry reminder, newsletter, HTML generating, review/voting support, search, custom database fields and more.

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We used a couple of the Esvon modules to develop a trading site. Because we were doing some pretty deep customizations we bought the source code. The code is very well written. Support is very responsive - Vlad usually gets back to us within the day. We're extremely happy with the product and the team at Esvon.

Posted by richardhardman on Dec 02, 2009 Reply

They break their contracts. Beware.

Posted by eaglepi on Jun 13, 2005 Reply

This is a great product. If you are familiar with PHP/MySQL, you should have no problems customizing the look and feel of the site. This is the best system for custom classifieds websites.

Posted by jpaulcscr on May 25, 2004 Reply

Excellent product which can be customised with just a little technical knowledge. Documentation is provided but a bit more detail would have earned it a "10". Highly recommended.

Posted by djmacuk on May 21, 2004 Reply

Esvon Classifieds is the best classifieds program I have ever seen. Yes, it needs time to make it better as it has tens of options that need to be set for your purposes. It is worth everything I paid for. The program is efficient, reliable, designed well and is a piece of art. The technical support is so helpful and cooperative.

Posted by alkadhim on May 16, 2004 Reply

Esvon Classifieds is the most comprehensive and full-featured program out there. The product is highly customizable, and if you don't know programming, they can do it for you at reasonable rates. The customer support is via email, and we always get a response within 24 hours. Yes, it is not set-up and ready to go out of the box -- if you want that, buy a cheaper, simpler package. This is a very impressive program with more features than any other package we found.

Posted by FurnitureFinders on May 14, 2004 Reply

Looking to customize it yourself (beyond just appearance)? This probably isn't for you. Many files are Zend encoded so you can't modify or even see how they work. The worst part is that while evaluating the product the demo version changed 3x requiring a total reload each time to get updated, forcing me to have to redo all my script modifications each time! This may be a superior product but without any regard for user customization and incremental upgrades, IMO its appeal is severely limited.

Posted by vah330 on May 13, 2004 Reply

This is a great product. If you are even remotely familiar with PHP/MySQL, you should have no problems customizing the look and feel of the site. Technical support is great and custom coding rates are very reasonable. This is the best classified ad application on the market.

Posted by dechast on May 11, 2004 Reply

Only programmers should use Esvon, otherwise you'll be dependent on Esvon. They keep milking you and testing your patience with very slow and one word email responses. They just wait for you to give up and pay them to fix your site. I can't upgrade the software without starting all over and spending more money, everything is extra.

Posted by Konichiky on Mar 12, 2004 Reply

Our business has at least doubled since we started using the Esvon classifieds software! Our customers love it. I used to spend hours entering/changing/deleting ads and now the website practically runs itself. I love it! I do admit that if I did not have an HTML background, that it would have been hard to manage/customize. Vlad was extremely helpful.

Posted by wrenbird on Sep 04, 2003 Reply

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