Esvon Classifieds

An advanced classifieds system that features paid posting, paid viewing, any payment gateway, favorites, featured listings, unlimited files/photos, what's hot and what's new listings, unlimited categories/subcategories, expiry reminder, newsletter, HTML generating, review/voting support, search, custom database fields and more.

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The program is very comprehensive and can be customized for your specific needs for extra charges. If you have Esvon install the program you better hope they will be there for eternity. If you have/intend to install or make changes yourself there are no help files. The manual provided was of little help. Support from Vlad was quick however he is prone to one word answers. From the advertisement I expected a full blown product with adequate help files. Thus my low rate score for this product.

Posted by kat7 on Aug 18, 2003 Reply

I've purchased many web scripts and none even come close to what Esvon Classifieds can do. If you can dream it up, it can do it. On top of that, technical support is second to none. I am floored each time I ask a question and I have a response in a few minutes. If you are shopping for classifieds software, you can stop comparing or looking around. This is the only product you need. - One very satisfied customer.

Posted by BladeRunner555 on Aug 13, 2003 Reply

Nothing is set up at the delivery. You have to start from scratch. It is going to take weeks to change the set up. It is just a way for them to squeeze more money out of you as they keep asking for $250 to help you. License agreement gives you nothing, you own nothing and have no rights, they can use your site for advertising without your permission. That can be a drain on bandwidth and creates more traffic on your site. They can shut you down without notice.

Posted by Tomware on Jun 04, 2003 Reply

Great tech support. Awesome program. I can't say enough about this one. The company is there with you every step of the way. Love how they customize to what you need.

Posted by equineads on May 18, 2003 Reply

Absolutely excellent software. This is the best classified software I have seen and I have been testing lots for a couple of months now. The support from Esvon is amazing.

Posted by Poshboy on Apr 28, 2003 Reply

The most flexible and easily customized classifieds solution on the market. Their custom support is incredible and there is nothing they cannot do. I have tried to finish a classfied ads project for over a year and they did it in less than 2 weeks. Simply awesome! Thanks Vlad!

Posted by jhadd on Mar 31, 2003 Reply

Great program. If it doesn't seem to have the features that you need Esvon will customize it for a very reasonable cost. The best support I have ever had.

Posted by B3D on Mar 19, 2003 Reply

This classifieds is the most useful classifieds I've ever used, and it's not just that, the support is excellent! I will be buying their software in the future for other projects.

Posted by imagine on Mar 04, 2003 Reply

The people at Esvon have provided me with a service that is echelons above any other I have seen. The tech support and customization they provide are emaculat.

Posted by robgo777 on Feb 08, 2003 Reply

Very good program. Full of features and great support from the staff. I will be using them for future software.

Posted by joemc on Dec 05, 2002 Reply

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