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    List resumes, job openings or other employment materials.
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    Run a personal ads, dating or matchmaking service for your users.
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    Real Estate

    Display real estate listings with these programs.
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    Classified ads programs designed for vehicle listing.
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Start a classifieds business to allow restaurant owners to create and advertise their website. Your users can create a profile and automatically generate their restaurant's website, with menus, coupons, a logo, meta tags and more.

  • $29.99

A fully customizable classified ads program. A turn-key solution, it is easy to install, highly configurable with unlimited categories and subcategories, and features unlimited photos and videos, Google Maps integration, Google Adsense, PayPay-ready, an advanced search engine, RSS feeds and more.

  • $290

A template-driven classified ads script featuring multiple language support, easy config, user registration, user authentification, user data-admin, unlimited categories/subcategories, URL referring, ICQ messaging, search, IP-logging and banning, email and username banning, dirty word filter, admin notification, and more.

  • $99

A paid classifieds website that allows you to determine packages and prices for users wishing to list on your site. It uses Paypal and Stormpay's IPN system so adding credits via the payment processors is automated.

  • $9.99

Start a fully automated classified ads site with many features.

  • $100

A chat module that allows members to talk in predefined and dynamic chat rooms. It features room templates, a user ignore list, smilies, a bad word filter and more.

  • $79

A powerful classified ads system that features unlimited categories, levels, areas (countries/cities) and ads; SEO friendly pages; user registration; optional image and file uploading; free or paid ad listing; real-time statistics for each ad; a poll and message board; simple and advanced search; and multiple admins.

  • $140

This highly scalable script offers your users a straight-forward and user-friendly interface, allowing them to view targeted ads organized by geographical location. It also features language packs, unlimited categories, search-engine-friendly URLs, PayPal-integrated billing system, custom ad fields, RSS feeds, email privacy and more.

  • $275

Integrate this script on a page of your website and allow your visitors to publish their classified ads.

  • $39.99

A database driven classifieds script. Using the admin script, you have full control to add/modify/remove any users, ads or categories.

  • $159

Launch your own global trading site. It features company profiles and sell offers, internal messaging, Google Maps integration, fully customizable site colors and graphics, configurable script parameters, earning potential and more.

  • $99

A turn-key classifieds solution that is fully customizable and easy to install. It supports unlimited categories and subcategories, unlimited photos and Google Maps, and is integrated with Paypal.

  • $69

A database-enabled personal search agent that gives your site members the possibility to specify keywords, discrete price ranges or other features and have only the ads, which fit the criteria, sent to them regularly. Members can enter search criteria and be notified by email if a match is posted to the site.

  • $59

Modern classifieds software with great designs, several customization options and search engine optimization.

  • $99

A highly configurable and extensible auction classified combination solution. Joomla and Mambo bridges are available. Page by page template/CSS/HTML control even to the category level. Multiple user groups supported with group-based pricing control down to the category level. Ability to charge for placement and more.

  • $999

Allow your visitors to view a comparison page between selected items. This module makes it possible to compare items by selecting the appropriate checkboxes and clicking a compare link. You can limit how many items at a time can be compared.

  • $69.95

A classified script that provides the source code without encryption. It was built using the smarty templating engine and features an ad system to play any type of ad, pre-converted language packs, easy modification of the design, picture gallery, reports, email subscriptions, word filters, user management, Google maps and more.

  • $149

Credits module allows you to have a system where people could pre-purchase ad placement/membership credits. This allows the customer to pre-purchase ad space at a savings and then use their credit as they place ads. A single credit card charge can cover multiple ads without getting charged for each transaction.

  • $99

A complete solution for providing an online presence for auto dealerships. Features the ability to upload pictures and descriptions of the vehicle. Pictures stored as files.

  • $199

Create a business listings directory that allows your visitors to add their own listings. It supports searching by category, keyword or using a visual Google Maps search. Listings can include their own light-box photo gallery, description, hours and business contact information.

  • $29.95

A web 2.0 script that includes a full suite for starting a classifieds listing website. Users have easy navigation and can easily post their own ads, while the admin can login, approve pending ads, move/delete classifieds, and change categories, ad blocks and site settings.

  • $50

Run a search engine optimized classified ads site. Customize it to handle real estate, making use of the Google maps integration and zip code range search, or use it for autos, jobs, or any other sort of listing. The admin panel includes hundreds of options, but with the ability to turn off what you don't need.

  • $199

Launch your own global trading portal. This is a complete script, with features like a product catalog, company profiles, sell and buy offers, internal messaging, three membership levels, customizable site design and script parameters, and more.

  • $199

A fully scalable turn-key classifieds script capable of listing almost any type of classified ad. It comes pre-loaded with different ad types and an installation wizard. You can create custom form fields and ad types in the admin panel. Documentation included. Features built-in Google maps, a latitude and longitude fetcher and more.

  • $99.95

A fully developed classified ad system integrated with a variety of well-designed web templates. Users can post basic classified ads for free, or pay to upgrade their listing's visibility or time. It features private messaging, buyer and seller reviewing, and an admin panel to control users, categories, auctions, and template files.

  • $69.95
Showing 26-50 of 78 Resources