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    These scripts are designed specifically to run a blog or host a community of bloggers.
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A web-based, private-label content management system allowing your clients to manage and edit their website content anytime and anywhere.

  • $69

A web-based system that provides for easy site content and structure management.

  • $999

This content management system features menu and sub-menu maintenance, author adding, permissions and layout customization.

  • Free

A content management system that is easy to install and manage. Includes multiple editors, WYSIWYG tools, template editors, category/subcategory support, front page featured articles, category featured articles, session browsing and more.

  • $299

An easy to learn CMS that includes web-based editing, auto menu, an event calendar and a forms processor. It uses an HTML template with a few added PHP tags. Supports embedded HTML and a simple BBCode-like markup language.

  • Free

Instead of taking over every aspect of developing websites, CompactCMS only manages the content of your pages. Once a template has been created, CompactCMS will help the end-user create, fill-up and maintain the necessary pages. One administrative page handles it all using AJAX and PHP.

  • Free
Showing 176-181 of 181 Resources