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    Audio & Video

    Retrieve audio and video from the web and display them on your own site.
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    News and Headlines

    These scripts grab news headlines from around the net and let you use them.
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    Stock Quotes

    Add stock quotes (delayed) to your web site using these scripts.
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    Include weather and forecasts on your web site with these automated scripts.
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Professional article directory software and content generator to run your own article submission site.

  • $249
  • $2499

This script adds U.S. restaurant listings and reviews from ChefMoz to your site. Super easy installation with no configuration required. Adsense skyscraper ads are included in the footer.

  • $24.95

This script allows you to grab information from your personal stats page.It can also display realtime information about running clients. Supports multiple languages.

  • Free

Give sellers on your site the edge by allowing them to use their own portable feedback on your site. Works on sites with multiple sellers (auction website) or sites with just one seller (online shops). Fully automated and free.

  • Free

A simple but powerful solution to add RSS content to your site. All feeds are free.

  • Free
  • Commercial

A news/RSS-feed aggregate and search script that parses live feeds from a dynamic list of sources and allows for their results to be instanateously searched with clickable links.

  • Free

This script uses RSS feeds to generate content. It features templates and fits into any layout, produces random content, presents different content on each search engine visit, creates pages with high keyword density, and is completely automated and configurable script.

  • $49

This script takes a remote XML file encoded in ISO and extracts the desired elements from the file in order to display them in a table.

  • Free

All you have to do with this script is find RSS/XML feeds of your interest, add them using the admin area, use the code generator and insert that code into HTML or any other page. It supports an unlimited number of feeds, allowed hosts and templates.

  • $29

A RSS feeds aggregator to generate content automatically from multiple RSS feeds. Display all selected RSS feeds on a single page sorted by date, feed or by tag. An extremely simple installation and admin panel allow you to manage your feeds. A function allows you to easily create a tag cloud.

  • Free

This RSS Parser is a single class which utilises the DOM to parse any RSS feed into a simple Object. Unlike many RSS Parsers, RSS_PHP also gives you full access to every part of the original RSS feed, including attributes, extensions and values.

  • Free

An easy application which lets you create a fan site of any celebrity in a few minutes. It automatically retrieves biographical and project details from the internet.

  • $25

This script is for eBay sellers, powersellers, eBay affiliates and website owners who would like to add their own listings or listings that fit into a specified criteria on their website. It is powered by eBay's own advanced search result RSS feed. You can embed your own eBay affiliate link in the items displayed.

  • Free

Simple script that displays RSS feeds using PHP or SSI includes. No Javascript is needed, so the content is displayed as plain content for good search engine ranking. Works on HTM, HTML, SHTML and PHP pages. You can use it to display your Wordpress blog feed on other non-PHP pages of your site.

  • Free

This script allows you to add the zipcode-searchable movie listings from any movie theater seamlessly in to your web site. This script also allows you to ad thousands of dynamically updated pages to your web site so Google can give you a bigger page rank. Users can easily change fonts, colors and table sizes via a CSS file.

  • $14.95

A robust, flexible and easy to use system for monitoring, retrieving and mining content from other web sites, documents, or any non-structured source of data.

  • $149

This program fetches content from sites and builds a keyword directory for them. Keywords in directory are unduplicated and without HTML tag keywords. You can choose to dig one page or a whole site and the keyword list can be download as text.

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Showing 26-42 of 42 Resources