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A HelpDesk for Internet companies that require communicating with their customers. Includes Admin Area, Staff Area and Member Area. Includes a fast, easy template, a FAQ, private messaging and a live chat system. The admin can add/edit/delete/email admins/staff/members, and create/edit/delete/close open tickets.

  • $299

A fully featured FAQ and news publishing script. It can be easily integrated in any template with just two lines of coding and is easily installable using a web-based installer. It features an admin panel, unlimited categories and one-level subcategories, an attractive and simple user interface, WYSIWYG article publishing, and more.

  • $24

This help desk solution allows for extensive customization. You can set advanced permissions for individual techs and more.

  • $197

A comprehensive helpdesk solution that supports live chat, visitor monitoring, ticket and email management, task automation, remote desktop and more.

  • $999
  • $99/mo

Customer relationship management (CRM) software to help manage customer requests with greater efficiency and accuracy. It features a knowledge base, unlimited tickets, attachments support, a customizable interface, performance tracking, a canned responses tool, support for high volume sites, advanced permission settings and more.

  • $249

A web-based customer support solution with incident management, knowledge management, a product catalog, news management and a support forum in one package intended for use in B2B or B2C.

  • $599

An extended and professional software solution for IT businesses, with an emphasis on customer relationship management functions, finacial reports and project management.

  • $799

A suite of tools including a ticketing system to handle service requests via email and webbased interfaces, a client database for contact information, office information and documents, and a project manager for companies and clients to collaborate.

A live chat and support ticketing system that can provide your website customers with support. It features unlimited departments and operators, ticket submission, live chat, a searchable knowledge base, and 100% unencrypted, rebrandable source code.

  • $49.99

A powerful help desk tool that supports unlimited departments, unlimited techs, and admin management and ticket response options. It's fast, simple, effective and very easy for your customers to use.

  • $264.96

Provide an integrated help desk solution that effectively manages and controls your support traffic. It features an email parser that takes incoming email and creates tickets or marks them as replies to existing tickets. It handles all incoming email from any number of POP accounts. You can filter the route of new emails.

  • $279
  • $9/mo
  • $29/mo
  • $49/mo

This live support script features an active visitor monitor, multiple operators and departments, the ability to open a chat session directly to one of your active visitors and the ability to take live support calls.

  • $10

This script helps organize your support system. Supports several techs/users from any location around the world.

  • $99.95

Built for small or large deployment, this is an all-in-one solution for your repair department. It will file customers, build repair forms, generate work orders, hold jobs lists, and remind you when jobs have waited too long. It will also tell customers when there are updates to their job entry, and allow them to approve or refuse your bids.

  • $99.95

This script is powerful, fast and secure. Customers can attach files to their tickets if you allow it. It supports multiple employees, technicians and admins. It will generate reports on how fast each technician replies to tickets and how many tickets are open, closed or on hold.

  • $99

Helpdesk Pilot makes customer support and service painless and quick. Easy to manage and easy to setup. Turn customer emails into tickets, with each email ID a department. Add support staff to a department. Each ticket is grouped by responses and all activity is tracked.

  • Free
  • $149

This script was designed from the ground up to be easy to administer, easy to find answers, and above all easy to install.

  • $35

An online support script to process your clients' requests. With three simple steps you will have it installed on your website. You receive the full source code and modification rights. It works on any web browser - Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari, and more.

  • $20
  • $39

An intuitive, user-friendly help desk component for Joomla websites. It features email support management, interactive views for support tickets, and a new interface.

  • $69

A web-based customer relationship management software for small and medium sized businesses. It includes customer inquiry tracking and response functionality, web- and email-based inquiry submission, a customer discussion forum, a fully-searchable knowledge base, CSR-to-CSR mail, notice posting and much more.

  • $495

A customizable help desk package including searchable service requests, IT support status reporting, self-installing updates, built-in feature-specific help, a FAQ, news and more.

  • $399

Provide realtime customer support to clients. Access the admin area from a browser.

  • $99.99

A fully-featured support and information centre for businesses and their clients. Features include unlimited tickets, unlimited knowledge base articles and categories, unlimited announcements and unlimited GUIs.

  • £50

Enable and deploy a professional knowledge base on your website. Give your customers answers to their problems quickly. Easy and fast to install.

  • $69

Software for social Q&A sites like Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange. It encourages your online community to share knowledge and helps create content that is very search engine friendly.

  • Free
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