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Released: Dec 13, 2013

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Wordpress Data Manager

This WordPress plugin was created for programmers and the advanced user who want to manage large amounts of data on their website. You can control what the user sees and save time when developing the back-end UI for managing your data. It features:

  • Special search engine like the ones they use in heavy-content, advanced websites to help break down and categorize products or features. You can create a search engine for cars, toys, hotels, etc.
  • You can design features such as Search, Update and Add, and have them operate the way you want!
  • You can enable and disable Adding, Editing and Searching data on the website to determine how best to integrate the data with your original theme.
  • No special theme
  • No prior coding skills are needed to operate the plugin.

Programmer features:

  • Create advanced themes
  • The plugin covers all aspects of data management including: Add Page, Dynamic Search Engine, Group Update Page and Default View. In Default View you choose between different rows and decide which ones you want displayed for the user.
  • Manage data with ease!
  • Create complicated themes by designing tables in the admin panel and have it display results in a custom theme, so that it stands out.
  • Create your own special search engine which will allow users to add or edit search data to help narrow down their searches. You only need to design your form of the search and implement the feature on your site.

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