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This is a system where customers buy digital credits to spend at different users' sites. People can use their accounts to send money to other users, pay for auctions or purchase any other products with an email address. It is SSL enabled, supports automated recurring billing, is fully template driven and more.

  • $240

A simple PHP class for PayPal payments with IPN (instant payment notification) validation that allows you to enable subscriptions or one-time payments.

  • Free

This script gives you the ability to process transactions through the gateway. It utilizes the latest features available from

  • $79.95

This script acts as a bridge between the purchaser and Authorize.Net payment gateway using advanced integration method and a direct secure sockets layer connection to the gateway. It supports verification code, MD5Hash and emails notification of successful transactions. It also dynamically creates the order form.

  • $39.99

Accept recurring payments without the need of a bulky shopping cart system. It runs easily in the most restrictive shared and dedicated web hosting environments. It works by attempting to make a secure SSL Version 3 connection from your web site to the Authorize.Net Gateway.

  • $49.95

This script uses RSA Encryption to accept and store credit card numbers. PHIt can be used as a standalone ordering system or integrated into an existing ordering system.

  • $39.99

This software allows you to own and operate a website like PayPal or Stormpay. You make a percentage of each transaction that takes place on your site.

  • $490

Run your own PayPal, AlertPay or e-gold type of online business with this software. It supports several payment systems and allows customers to buy digital credits to spend at different users' websites. People can use their accounts to send money to other users, pay for auctions or purchase any other products.

  • $199

Escrow software that enables two parties to engage in a sale without any risk. Includes templates for easy site design.

  • $145

Build support for accepting payments via Pass the order amount and invoice number to this script and it constructs the proper URL and redirects the visitor to the 2Checkout site.

  • Commercial

This script complements Paypal by extending the payment service from ePayment to physical money delivery. This happens when your users want to send money orders, checks delivery, bank to bank transfers or any other payments. This script lets you charge users a service fee for the payment services.

  • $110

This script allows you to use eight different email accounts each running its own IPN payment script, even if the IPN scripts are on eight different domains.

  • $12.99

An easy way of accepting credit cards that doesn't require a gateway or merchant account. This script allows you to easily connect to the Paypal Pro servers and process credit cards without the headaches of dealing with the complicated integration.

  • $49.95

Complete credit card processing gateway software that has all the required features to start a processing company like iBill, WorldPay and more.

  • Commercial

A simple way to handle online transactions using Paypal. It features offsite and onsite payments, payment notifications (IPN), shopping cart support and more.

  • $19.99

A PA-DSS certified web-based payment application designed for merchants who accept credit card payments, use background payment gateways and require compliance with PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) v1.2.

  • $389

Integrate Verisign's PayFlowLink credit card processing into your website. Your customer never has to leave your site.

  • Commercial

This script allows you to process transactions through the gateway, using the new finger printing hash technology. It is a replacement for Relay Response and the Weblink Payment Form.

  • $69.95

Accept credit cards and checks with this online payment processing order form. ECHO merchant account required.

  • Free

Accept PayPal transactions through your website. Automatically activate member accounts, deliver electronic products and more.

  • Commercial

Paypal.Com clone software that uses AJAX to provide secure, reliable and manageable software right out of the box. You can customize the design and layout of the software for that special, proprietary look and feel.

  • $499

An advanced online money transfer system ideal for start-ups, small-to-medium MTOs and banks designed to successfully transfer money around the world via the internet or a local agen. Rapidly deploy a secure, scalable and reliable system.

  • Commercial

Easily store sensitive customer data and process payments for returning customers. This software helps you comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, since customer data is no longer stored locally. It is a collection of stand-alone web forms that can be easily modified with any editor.

  • $199.95

Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to without the customer leaving your site.

  • Commercial

The most advanced and comprehensive version of the EPay series, EPay Enterprise is the solution for those who wish to run their own payment processor business like Paypal or Stormpay. EPay members can use their accounts to send money to other users, pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just an email address.

  • $300
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