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    File Downloading

    Track visitor downloads and get statistics on file downloads.
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    File Uploading

    Users can upload files directly through their web browser to your server.
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    Link Protection

    Protect your files from leech accesses and inappropriate links.
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A document management system that features a clipboard, Mail2DMS, DMS2Mail, zip and download, copy, move, multi-user support, full text search and more.

  • Free

A document management system with a very clear menu structure, clear design and powerful functionality. It supports copy, move, delete and rename, assign separate home folders to users, share files online with other users, set multiple desktop views, traffic and disk space quotas can be shown and defined for each user, and more.

  • $79

Share files online from anywhere using only a web browser. It features drag and drop uploading, a progress bar, email notifications, a customized interface, WebDAV (web folders) server, activity logs, file indexing and full-text searching, attach metadata, multilanguage support, file versioning, and more.

  • $150

Make your web server display the contents of a file server. Show folders and files in a collapsible, dynamic, configurable, client-side tree applet. Access files from anywhere on the web. Changes in the files or directories are automatically updated in the browser. Filter files by type and use a different icon in the browser for each file type.

  • $21

A free, open source, skinnable, file browser with Flickr functionality, slideshows and more. It uses AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) to update pages without reloads.

  • Free

A file management program to organize your website without FTP. It includes an editor for text-based files; automatic detection of text-based files without a known extension; display of file permissions, size and type; picture thumbnails; anMP3 Player (EMFF); file upload; file and directory creation, deletion and renaming; and more.

  • Free

A file management script that allows you to manage your homepage without FTP. You can create and delete files and folders, modify text-based files, upload files to your server and more. It includes a file detection system.

  • Free

A Norton Commander-clone for advanced file management on a webserver. It features user authentication, access control lists, file uploader, bandwidth-controlled download, internal file viewer and editor, file tools, language support and much more.

  • Free

This web-based file manager can create, upload, rename, move and delete files and directories. It will show source of PHP and HTML files, and edit text/HTML/PHP/CSS files. It supports several languages and a pure CSS layout.

  • Free

A web-based text editor which gives you access to files on your own computer, on your server or any FTP server, and popular blogging tools such as Blogger.com, MovableType, TypePad, LiveJournal, blosxom and Wordpress.

  • Free

Manage a free file hosting website or a personal file library. The AJAX-powered interface features mass upload, a progress bar and forum code generator. Four colorful skins included.

  • $29.50

This script writes plain text into a file on your webserver. Just define a filename and insert file content into the form and the script will store it.

  • Free

Lists the contents of the directory it's in. Also useful if directory listing is denied.

Turn a text file by a character set into the one represented by another character set. You can display the converted file or download it. It contains a main converter function and an HTML framework site to make online conversions.

  • Free

A web-based file sharing system that allows groups of users to easily share and manage a central repository of files and folders through a web browser. Can be used for team projects, as a replacement for FTP or as a private download area.

  • $181

A very poweful class which generates PDF documents on the fly. It can handle webpages and HTML code and has a very high performance. It can be easily integrated in your website and customized to serve your needs.

  • $15

Visualize and allow browsing of directories consisting of data files, documents describing the data files, text messages and subdirectories.

  • Free

This script rearranges lines in a text file. You can choose to remove duplicate lines, sort lines from A-Z or Z-A, combine two files and delete duplicate lines, or filter and delete duplicate lines from one file to another. The 'Count Lines' option can generate a report of how many times same lines appeared.

  • Free

A web-based file manager that is easy to configure for a novice yet easily customized for the more experienced user. The built-in login system provides a secure environment. It can create, rename and delete folders; create, upload, rename, download and delete files; edit text files; view image files; sort by name, size, mode and date modified; and more.

  • $5

An easy to use online file management system that allows you to gain access to your site from anywhere with an internet connection. It gives you FTP access without the need for FTP client programs. A web interface allows you to run file commands on your server, to create, edit, delete, rename and chmod files and folders.

If you have many HTML files with text that needs to be modified, this script will allow you to search and replace any phrases or HTML code across your entire website. You can decide whether the search is recursive, case sensitive or specific to a file extension.

  • Commercial

Share documents with your stakeholders in a secure extranet work zone, all over the world. All types of files and sizes are accepted. You can customize each work zone depending on the users. It facilitates team work, as you can work from everywhere in the world, with all the important documents in hand.

  • Free

This file manager features customizable templates with a rollback feature, multi-lingual support, an anti-leech feature, unlimited subcategories, custom file fields, database backup and more.

  • Free

A simple to install open source file management script. Upload and delete files from the directory the program is in and any sub directories. It can optionally authenticate the user. It allows you to edit a file. Specify which file extensions can be edited. Add and remove directories.

  • Free

A powerful and easy to use Ajax file manager for web browsers. Its simple interface makes it intuitive and quick to learn for all kinds of users, from advanced professionals to Internet beginners.

  • $59
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