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Version: 1.3.4

Released: Aug 27, 2013

PHP 5.3.0+, MySQL, PDO Support

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Mysidia Adoptables Virtual Pet Script

Ccreate your own virtual pet website, where your users can adopt pets you create and raise them by visitor clicks. The script allows you to make as many adoptable pets as you want, as well as many other easy to use features, such as user management, currency, promotion codes for giveaways, staff management, and your admin control panel lets you customize almost every aspect of your site without ever accessing the host.

Some of our features include breeding with restrictions such as stage and item requirements and the ability for multiple babies to be born; trading with open, partial or private trades and item/pet/currency uses; item and pet stores that allow you to sell to your users; tax or not; and many other unique features. We are the only free adoptable script that you can host yourself.

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