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Autoresponder email software with an integrated PayPal membership system that delivers information instantly to your potential customers and automatically follows up with multiple personalized messages. You can schedule unlimited messages on any day you choose, create and edit autoresponders and more.

  • $160

A small, flexible and easy to use email list manager and autoresponder. You can plan automated updates in advance. Setting up a sequential autoresponder or scheduling common greeting emails will take no more than a few minutes.

  • $34.95

A multi-user autoresponder, email broadcaster and email list builder. It features advanced subscriber tracking and filtering, bounced email management, a subscription form generator, email subscription/unsubscription, remote control, web upload of attachments and subscribers, and more.

Mail a series of unlimited emails that are sent out to prospective customers or leads over a given period of time designated in days by you. Setup is easy and adding messages is a snap through a web interface.

  • Commercial

This script will allow you to start your own autoresponder business.

  • $197

An email marketing and follow-up system. You can create and manage unlimited campaigns, get detailed campaign stats, configure campaign email settings, get ready-to-use HTML code for subscription with JavaScript validation, send instant or queued messages, personalize emails with predefined tags, send Text or HTML emails, send unubscribe links and attachments, import and manage subscribers, and more.

  • Free

An autoresponder designed to compete with other top autoresponder companies.

  • $147

An autoresponder and mailing list script to send follow-up messages when people opt-in to your list.

  • $147

An autoresponder script to send automatic follow-up emails to users.

  • $79

This script features unlimited autoresponders and messages, personalisation of emails, unsubscribe links in outgoing emails, HTML code generation, multiple file attachments, export and import of email addresses, bounced email management, advanced subscriber search, subscriber management, one time emails and more.

  • $49
  • $149
Showing 1-10 of 10 Resources