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    Automatically send out followup emails to users after a sales request or other interaction.
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    List Maintenance

    Clean up your mailing list by removing duplicates, tracking bounced emails and more.
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Keep your customers updated very easily, track mail campaigns, create different targeted groups of your customers, and export and import customers from other sources (Excel file using CVS format). It is designed for use with large mail lists.

  • $80

An email marketing solution to build a list, create personalized newsletters, measure campaign results, send automated follow up emails and more.

  • $249+

Easy to use, highly configurable, Ajax-enabled, eNewsletter and mailing list management software. It features real-time views and clicks tracking, double opt-in, follow-up campaigns, personalized HTML/text/multipart newsletters and unlimited subscribers.

  • $110

This script is built around a template system that allows you to control the exact date when an email is sent. You can send sequential emails, send emails on specific dates, any day of the week, recurring emails every X number of days and more.

  • $49.95

A robust mailing list system that is quick and simple to implement. The email addresses are stored in a text file, which eliminates the need for a database. This application can handle thousands of email addresses and Text or HTML newsletters. It features a complete WYSIWYG editor, sent email archives, email importing and more.

  • $10

A feature-rich solution to manage an unlimited number of mailing lists and users. Create email lists and quickly send newsletters to your subscribers and contacts. It features Text/HTML support, opt-in subscriptions, a WYSIWYG editor, personalized emails and more.

  • $79.99

This newsletter system features unlimited emails, personalised emails, a WYSIWYG HTML email editor, embedded images, generation of a text-only version, attachment support, optional use of a database and cronjob, and easy installation.

  • €24

An easily configurable newsletter distribution system with user and subscriber's management. Users can hold associated roles, create groups of suscribers, LDAP integration, Smart email management, schedule your issues and more.

  • $300

This script can import Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! contact lists instantly, in the form of an array. It features technical support, a four-day money-back guarantee, lifetime updates and script documentation.

  • $28

This script allows you to run an autoreminder service that allows people to sign up for unlimited reminder notifications via email. Members can sign up for free to schedule a limited number of autoreminders. You can also charge your members a monthly fee that will allow them to schedule unlimited autoreminders. You set the price.

  • $117

A centralized mailing list system for small to medium websites. It supports subscribe/unsubscribe, remote verification, unsubscribe links, attachments, no timeouts, email import, HTM templates and more.

  • Free

A powerful flatfile mass mailing script which does not require any SQL database. Subscribers can sign up, it requires validation and confirmation of every email address, you can resend an activation form, it uses an audio and visual CAPTCHA code on sign up, and features a secure admin control panel to manage subscribers and mailings.

  • $10

A full-featured, fully customizable, easy-to-install mailing list script. It requires minimal web knowledge to get set up and has easy-to-follow instructions. Just create a database, upload SiMpLe to your server, and off you go!

  • $10

This script allows users to sign up to a mailing list that you can send a quick email to.

  • Free

This script sends out personalised emails and seperates target groups or newsletter-lists. It features automatic subscription, validation and unsubscribe via forms or integrated links. Includes easy import of address lists and an integrated text-editor.

  • $59

A basic newsletter subscription and authoring utility. It does not verify email addresses and it has no secure admin area for the message production. Very simple to install and use, but suggest you password protect the mailing portion of the script.

  • Free

A mailing list manager that features unlimited groups, sub-admins to manage subscribers in specific groups, subscriber data backup and restoration, message sending with template and a template manager, newsletter scheduling to send newsletters at a specific date, subscriber unsubscription, and more.

  • $15

A simple example of a mailing list/newsletter system that allows you to create and edit newsletters and recipient lists. It is very simple to expand and edit the script to suite your needs.

This mailing list manager features easy installation, unlimited lists, opt-in or double opt-in, welcome/goodbye email messages, admin notification with subscribe/unsubscribe and bounced messages, import/export addresses, email templates, message archive, HTML and text message support, edit subscriber info, custom data in emails, IP logging and more.

  • $49
  • $299

Unique emails, categorised by user-definable groups, are checked at server level. Every exception is flagged and excluded by the mailing lists, reducing the risk of bounce-back messages. It includes a stats system that displays rate of visualizations and contacts who clicked links, banners or downloads.

  • €70

Web-based, easy-to-use newsletter software and email marketing that is easy to integrate into any website to help you stay in touch with subscribers and customers.

  • $29.95
  • $99.95
  • $9.95/mo

A feature-rich solution to manage contacts and send mailings from any location. A form on a website collects information from site visitors and stores the info in a database. End-users then build HTML or Text emails in the tool, including bulk-email promotions, reminders and more.

  • $295

A practical email messaging tool that allows you to create and send permission-based email communications to customers, subscribers, team members and prospects.

  • $290

An add-on for Ktools Photostore to allow you to email your subscribers and photographers. There are no files to edit. You simply upload the files.

  • $6.65

An email marketing and followup sytem that allows you to create and manage unlimited campaigns and view campaign stats. It supports attachment sending, subscriber import/export, text or HTML messages, send scheduling and several customization options.

  • $79
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