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This restaurant review system provides flexible fields to add, change, and delete fields in your review so you can modify your review system to review any topic! Post your own reviews, allow registered members to post full reviews, or charge users for posting reviews! Users may also post comments and ratings.

  • $69.95

An easy to use and install dictionary/glossary script. Get your own glossary website ready in less than 15 minutes. It features a three-tier design, mod_rewrite implementation, search-engine-friendly URLs, Adsense placement, simple and easy to edit design, and random definitions display on main page.

  • $39.99
  • $69.99

Host your own tweet scheduler on your website using this small application. Set the specific time of day to tweet.

  • $8

This script categorizes and lists skills and knowledge within an organization.

  • $200

A complete, fully customizable professional CMS specialized for restaurant sites. It features restaurant menu management with unlimited menus, sections and items; up to three prices per meal, meal options, related meals and more; an integrated shopping cart with booking, coupons, tax and more; PayPal and Google maps integration; a photo gallery; and more.

  • $115

This contains a cipher and tools such as substitution, vigenere, affine, transposition and index of coincidence. Includes xoft encryption.

  • Free

This jokes portal is a ready to use script with search engine friendly URLs and dynamic SEO meta tags.

  • $39.95

A toolkit to publish WAP pages that are also accesible by HTML browsers. It automatically determines the device's capabilities and creates the appropriate code.

  • Free

Analyze any existing domain and view it like a search engine spider. The script shows the domain's META title, description and keywords; analyzes content keyword density; and shows the Alexa rating, Google backlinks, domain IP address and links to other domains. There is also an option to show domain thumbnails.

  • $39

Accept, store and display visitors' comments on your personal blog or commercial storefront. A single PHP file, this script allows you to choose where comments and ratings appear, let visitors rate your content, show the number of comments on any topic, and allow visitors to rate the comments themselves.

  • $9.99

This software allows collectors to create and maintain a user-friendly database of their collected items, organizing them into unlimited categories and subcategories, and including various statistical and financial reports. It will help keep evidence of owned items and records of missing items.

  • $299

A plug-n-play lyrics website that features easy installation and configuration, easy template modification, over 39,000 lyrics for over 1,316 artists, a search-able database, search-engine-friendly pages, a pre-made logo PSD file, and contextual advertisement support with a privacy policy.

  • Free

A complete betting exchange package that can be operated in a person-to-person manner.

  • $999

A web-based application that lets you search for an airport by name, IATA, ICAO, city, longitude or latitude. Output is textual and graphic, and a cross shows you the position of the airport on a world map.

  • Free

Run your own theme/template download site. Includes a full blogging CMS with a WYSIWYG editor, page creation, user management, and six installed skins to provide variety. Extremely easy to setup and admin.

  • $32.99

Start your service Netvibes.com, iGoogle and PageFlakes.com, providing a multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page. It is organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined widgets including an RSS reader, notes, web search, weather forecast, bookmarks, email reader and more.

  • $399

A lyrics management system to start a lyrics sharing website. It features lyric browsing, an alphabetical list of albums and movies, top 20 lyrics, lyric categorization, lyric watermarking, pages for information and pictures of celebrities, user submission of lyrics, SEO-friendly links, an easy to use admin panel, advertisements and more.

  • $15

This script is for pregnant women who want to provide current information on their pregnancies to their site visitors. Customize with the date of the first day of your last period, and this script will guess your due date, announce your pregnancy, tell how many weeks pregnant you are, countdown to your due date and more.

  • Free

This script allows you to dynamically convert RTF documents to HTML and output the text directly to a webpage. It features dynamic or static conversion; simple installation and use; efficient conversion; support for different fonts, colours, special characters, hyper-links, tables and more; plain text converting to HTML; and more.

  • $71.50

Post to Usenet newsgroups via a handy web form. Posts are sent through a mail2news gateway and anonymized posting is supported.

  • Free

This advice script features verified link after registration, a voting system, forgotten password retrieval, tell-a-friend and site recommendation, and an admin section to manage members, advice, questions, abuse and more.

  • $99.99

A searcheable study bible for your website. Contains the KJV and two hebrew/greek lexicons. Updates will offer more content.

  • Free

An easy to use lyrics script with more than 60,000 lyrics.

  • $29.95

Allow your customers to book online in real time. It is a complete solution with a personalized design. It supports multiple destinations, lodging, flight, extras, an affiliate/reseller program and more.

  • €600

Compile a database of keywords, based on a particular keyword subject, and compare their real market values.

  • Free
Showing 226-250 of 251 Resources