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A fully functional website where members can browse and search for lyrics to their favorite songs. Members can also add lyrics for songs that are not currently listed.

  • $99

Advanced and powerful recipes content management system with many options. It is search-engine-friendly and compatible with revenue sharing and Google Adsense.

  • $9.99
  • $14.99

Share ringtones, wallpapers, games and themes with your friends through WAP.

  • $39

A simple script with very easy installation. You only need to define your target date. The output is refreshed automatically using internal JavaScript. It uses CSS so changing the style is very simple.

  • Free

An end-to-end solution that allows you to build and manage your own proxy network of up to 10,000 proxy sites from one control panel. This software has its roots in the popular proxy script, PHProxy, but adds robust user functionality and admin control features. You can input adsense code and display revenue generating ads, and more.

  • $99

Run a collaboratively edited Questions and Answers website. It supports unlimited categories and subcategories, admins, members, questions, debates and answers. It features a voting system with points, levels and badge awards; tagging for questions and debates; SEO settings; ranking for questions and answers; and more.

  • $269

A tool you can add to your site to help manage script promotion to script directories.

  • Free

A simple wallpaper site script with a focus on management functionality, efficiency and simplicity.

  • $29

A flat file link database that takes a user's name, email address and URL and stores it in a data file. It is then rendered into HTML through another file.

  • Free

Quickly implement an add-a-comment feature on your page. It transforms your page into a communication platform making your page information rich. The script has a full-featured admin panel with password protection. The comments are added using RSS feeds which can be shown using AJAX, Javascript, SSI or PHP includes.

  • $9.95

Set up teams to create and translate subtitles and run your own subtitles web site.

  • Free

Add the power of sweepstakes to your website with a powerful contest management program that lets you run and manage unlimited sweepstakes, keep in touch with entrants, customize your questionnaires, receive live entry updates, select winners and more, all from an online admin panel.

  • $45

This script will spider a website and check all links, including anchor links, form action attributes, and image, iframe, script, and style source URLs. This is a useful tool to find broken links on your website. It recognizes different URLs that refer to the same location and checks them only once.

A tool for search engine ranking analysis. The rankings are based on parsing output of search engines, using simple regular expressions.

  • Free

This application helps domain owners better organize their portfolio. It allows you to list your domains with their expiry, registrar and a price. It also allows visitors to your portfolio to contact you about a given domain.

  • Free

Use this script to send mails to the future and be reminded about some event. You may put it on your website and allow visitors to send reminders to themselves.

  • Free

This form was designed to help real estate agents, mortgage lenders or anyone that needs a financial form. Ut contains the vitals needed to get a loan approved for your client. It has a built in CAPTCHA validation preventing automated bots from making unwanted submissions.

  • Free

A lightweight fanlisting script with admin features for adding and editing current and pending members, as well as giving current members the ability to edit their own details. It has an automatically updating stat block showing total members numbers as well as last added members. Can be used to run one or multiple sites.

  • Free

This script allows you to create your family tree and display it to visitors on your web site. It makes use of template files to separate the xHTML from the PHP code making it easy to modify to match the style of your site.

  • Free

An online tool to create fake magazine covers from uploaded photos. It features a rating system, recently created page, cover sharing with other users or friends, quick registration, profile page where users' covers are stored, top-rated covers, two banner spots for advertisements, and a full admin panel.

  • $59

This software makes starting your own hosting service as easy as possible. It gives your clients complete control of their site with templates, graphic edits, email access and more.

  • $4995

An articles plug-n-play website with easy installation and configuration, easy template modification, over 126,000 articles from over 12,000 writers in 76 categories, a search-able database, search-engine-friendly pages, a pre-made logo PSD file, and contextual advertisment support with a privacy policy.

  • Free

This script processes the data feed offered by the Art.com affiliate program and displays it on your site. It allows users to browse through over 75,000 products in 8,000 categories offered by Art.com. The data feed is automatically and quickly imported into a MySQL database. The output can be completely customized.

  • Free

A Joomla module to create a professional-looking online magazine, designed to make it easy to control the design and layout of your site.

Post to Twitter from your web site with this script.

  • Free
Showing 26-50 of 251 Resources