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With this custom error script your users can mix up upper/lower case letters on your case-sensitive Unix server and still arrive at the right place (e.g. test.com/URLtext = test.com/UrlText ). It also corrects typos or misspelling.

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An extension for Joomla! 1.5 that puts an "Add Software" menu item under the Components Menu. Once activated, you can install a variety of Joomla! components with just a single click.

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  • $97

A script that makes adding and deleting link buttons from a buttonwall fast and easy.

  • Free

Users can add attention getters to their ads for a certain fee. The attention getters are displayed when browsing/searching ads and at ad details. Admin can control the max allowed value of getters per ad, set getter fee and expiration time. Both images and flash icons are supported.

  • $39.95

Direct links to different locations based on the time and day of the week.

  • $5

Commercial and residential income property analysis software for the investor and the real estate professional.

  • $89.95

Block third party stat tracking when using a local network to access webpages. If you host your own website and use a third party tracking company to track your visitors usage/system specs, they most likely give you a piece of code to place within your HTML code. This script can prevent that code from tracking your visits.

  • Free

Domain sales and portfolio management software to help domain owners generate sales leads. List your domains with their expiry, registrar, price, status, category, and more. Visitors can contact you about a given domain or for general questions.

  • Free

An easy to install and customize prayer request script. It requires a MySQL database but also creates a flat file for exporting into Excel.

  • Free

Start a Twitter clone site. This software is fully customizable and features include SMS/Web/IM/Email support, custom API, ReVou vision addon, Google Maps integration, a widgets plugin, Paypal integration, RSS feeds, an email importer and more. Instant Messenging supported: MSN, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger.

  • $399

Run your own recipes site, complete with over 50,000+ recipes. Even webmasters with minimal knowledge of HTML can launch their recipe portal (site). The script is built with a focus on increased ease of users and profits for webmasters.

  • $199.85

Software that allows webmasters to build answering communities online where users can ask questions and answer in text, audio and video.

  • $317

A powerful and versatile proxy script that allows you to build and maintain a successful and profitable proxy lister with multiple revenue streams.

  • $49

A fast and easy to use script to allow you to pinpoint the physical location of your users down to the city level. You can find the latitude, longitude, continent, country, region, city, zip code, area code, and ISP of your visitors. Easily forward users to other pages based on their geographic location. Using it on your site is as simple as adding one line of code.

  • $20

An easy to use jokes management system with many options and 100% search-engine-friendly pages. It features revenue Sharing, is compatible with Google Adsense and supports competition for top search keywords.

  • $9.99

Web-based VoIP service enabler that features user management, a stats report and registration application system based on LAMP and Asterisk. This project was originally designed for a simple and free Indonesian VoIP network, VoIP Rakyat.

  • Free

This program allows you to protect your site content with passwords and encrypt HTML files. It can process web pages with JavaScript or VBScript.

  • $29.85

A simple error logger that replaces the default Apache error handler with your own. Includes a customizable output page and logs or emails you when an error occurs. You can add new error codes easily using the flat file database.

  • Free

Very intuitive, easy to use restaurant menu script. Featuring an image management system and multi-column pricing. Includes an installation wizard to be up and running in under five minutes. Easily integrates into any web site design with no added effort. Supports editing, removing and rotating unlimited menus, categories and items.

  • $39.95

Web-based car booking, rental and management software.

  • $399

A web-based tool to quickly and effortlessly deliver ultrasound images to your reading physicians, and study results to your referring physicians.

  • $149

This script is designed to be a secure method to allow potential employee candidates to pre-apply for available positions. It features a one-page interface. You can list available positions with a short description or add links to categories with more details. It includes a built-in file upload option for attaching resumes.

  • Free

Input your name into this script and it will create a Wu-Name for you, which is an adjective followed by a noun. Also available is a US Name Generator which uses the most popular names from the 1990 US Census.

  • Free

This country database includes more than 4500 cities on all six continents. It is divided into continent, country, region and cities.

  • €15

This script will allow you to send your visitors to other websites within a top frame bar. It is fully customisable allowing you to change the colors.

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Showing 51-75 of 251 Resources