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A full-featured article comments extension for Joomla 1.5. It supports YouTube videos, and includes sleek comment themes and emoticons. Key features include Ajax-driven comment posting and voting, themes and skin colors to create a trendy comments area, compatibility with sh404SEF, a community builder avatar and more.

  • $19.99

An interface to the BottleRocket x10 Firecracker software that features the same abilities as the x10 remote control. Also remembers last executed command.

  • Free

A turnkey software package with a visual editor for business owners and internet entrepreneurs who want to create or upgrade an online custom t-shirt or personalized apparel business.

  • $1499
  • $150/mo

This script allows your users to add comments on certain pages of your website. It is very easy to install if your site uses SSI, PHP or ASP. You can customize formating and appearance of comments with a base knowledge of HTML.

  • Free

A roof pitch calculator to define the slope of your roof both as a pitch number from 1 to 12 and in degrees. It can also perform simple roof cost calculation.

  • Free

Shop Finder North America makes it easy for multi-location businesses, manufacturers and distributors to provide their site's visitors with a quick and simple method of finding their locations across the United States and Canada.

  • $170

A complete robust system for selling tickets online that features categorized tickets listing, country filter, venue details, artist details with images, multiple tickets listing and purchase, user registration, and user order history and management. The admin can view and add categories, artists, events, cities, venues and content pages.

  • $249

This script showcases people, places, or products on any Linux-hosted website with an easy to use administration that's editable online anytime, anywhere. It is basic enough to allow the designer to customize it to fit seamlessly into any site they are designing while easy enough for their client to be able to admin the site.

  • $45

A complete website that to advertise your domains for sale. Easily add/edit/delete domains, add descriptions, and set an asking price or leave it open for offers. Includes a newsfeed which you can leave as default or enter a custom RSS feed. It shows you which domains and categories are most frequently viewed.

  • $9.95

A small script that makes it easy to transfer files to a WAP enabled phone. It supports multiple directories and X files per page.

  • Free

A simple script developed to manage your photo blogging needs. It's development had in mind a simple and intuitive user interface not bloated with pointless features, with the ability to design your own custom theme easily.

Import contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, MSN and Yahoo! contacts lists. It is easy to integrate and offers high functionality for a low price. It is similar to the invitation scripts on Hi5.com and MySpace.com.

  • $27.50

A groupware module to manage web projects with team collaboration, user management, tasks and projects tracking, file approval tracking, project site's client access and customer relationship management.

  • Free

This script allows the user to put in terms and have one randomly chosen. With CSS you can edit just about every element in the script.

  • Free

Display a configurable and easy to understand Tidal Prediction Icon on your site.

  • Free

A web utility that allows you to create dynamic checklists for your website. It features unlimited checklists (up to 250 fields per list), an optional chart for each list, a member system and a bridge system to use other member systems. Choose to display checklists with a small snippet of code or use the backend as a frontend.

  • Free

Add a comments section to any web pages that you control. It can block spambots by using a CAPTCHA, filter out obscene language, and be made to look like your site. Users can rate the comments and change how visible they are. Adding comments to a page is as simple as copying a single line of code.

  • Free
  • $24.99

This script replaces whatever is loaded when you click your browser's Home button. It is a tool for web surfing that allows you to create/use aliases to your favorite search enginges, drop in URLs for redirection, search DMR history, make small notes and edit the template system.

  • Free

A statistical analysis package for PHP that currently implements basic statistics such as range, mode, mean, variance, deviation, percentiles and much more.

  • Free

This is a complete website designed to show articles relating to dating. It features easy setup, an admin panel to add/edit/delete articles, HTML support in articles, auto-generated META tags and titles, mod rewrite, built-in categories, reports on traffic in and out, visitor rating and commenting, and more.

  • $9.95

This famous quotes software allows visitors to become members, connect to others and share their favorite quotes or post comments. It supports bulk uploading of quotes using XLS files and search engine optimization.

  • $249

This module for Joomla allows your visitors to subscribe to one or more RSS feeds from your site. Each section and category generates a Joomla RSS feeder that your subscribers can easily add to their RSS reader or to their site. It is completely integrated with FeedBurner to manage Joomla RSS feeds and track subscribers.

  • $69.99

This clone of FMyLife.com allows you to start your own unique story sharing site for different purposes such as adult confession, stock trading, dating and more. It is 100% search engine optimized and compatible with all browsers, template driven with a CSS-based design, and features easy integration with your existing site and more.

  • $49

A complete movie review system with keyword and movie title searching. You can leave detailed reviews for movies and users can post their opinions as well. Movies are ranked by the website as well as by users, and user ratings are aggregated. Sell sponsored links on a CPC basis. Includes HTML templates and a full corporate ID.

  • $69.95

A web-based timesheet and payroll system that provides user clock in and out, IP restrictions, payroll slip generation, organizational chart, personal info and more.

  • Free
Showing 76-100 of 251 Resources