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This script can translate your site into 10 languages with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

  • $20.99

Start your own jokes site within minutes. Automatically run unlimited affiliate ads including Google ads. It features browsing through jokes in categories, support for funny pictures, keyword search, rating, most popular jokes section, joke subscribing and joke suggesting.

  • $35

Replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string in files matching specified mask. It fraetures recursion toggling, file mask support and results emailing. Only one PHP file.

  • Free

This CAPTCHA system stops spambots from filling out your signup pages and contact forms by presenting a text-based interlock. It is designed to be easy for humans but difficult for spambots. It doesn't require graphics libraries like GD or ImageMagick to work. It presents users with one of 5,000 short, simple words.

  • $49.95

A highly-customizable chat bot. He accepts input from the keyboard and responds in a human voice (optionally your own) with lip synchronization. His input/output patterns are easily programmed in a simple markup language called AIML. It features a fully customizable look/mind/voice, and a combination of recorded voice and AI.

  • $15

Allows visitors to leave comments about the page they've just read. A login process allows users to edit and add their comments. It includes a paginated control panel to manage users and comments, and allows for columnists/bloggers on your website. Notifies you by email of new comments.

  • $49.95

Keep track of serial numbers and registration info. It features a template design, multiple authorization levels, admin area and CSS. Easy to install and customize.

Upload the program to your web location and manage your online home movie clips through the handy admin interface. The web interface shows your clips organized in categories. Optionally allow visitors to upload their clips.

  • Free

A project designed to be used by schools that allows teachers to upload their tests so that all teachers can search for a particular test and download it.

  • Free

Allows the classifieds webmaster to build and sell templated customer websites that use the master website as the source for the listing data. Visitors to the customer website will only see that particular customer's listings. The master website becomes the central repository for client website data and processing logic.

  • $299

An easy to implement commentary system that features image/text or no Captcha options, a customizable template file, comment addition/editing/removal, fields that can be required/optional/display, and email verification once or every time.

  • Free

Manage all of your account passwords and other sensitive data. You will only need to remember one master password, and that in turn will give you access to all of the data that you store. Your data will be securely encrypted using industry standard AES 256 encryption, which ensures that only you will be able to access your data.

  • Free

A PostNuke module that will let you do product and feature comparisons. It features unlimited comparisons/products/features, feature descriptions and notes, feature categories, product column limiting, multiple images per product, multilingual support with English and Italian language packs, block to display comparisons and more.

  • Free

Provides reporting for your websites' positions/rankings in Google and Yahoo for specified keywords.

  • Free

This script will help you run an online movie community. It includes Web 2.0 features, and allows your users to watch new TV shows, make comments, list their favorite movies, add new movies and more.

  • $49.95

A web-based equipment rental software package that combines the availability of a web site with the responsiveness of a desktop application. It includes a customer, supplier and stock database; comprehensive stock analysis and control; quick and straight-forward hire out and return process; and more.

  • $300

A price comparison script based on Magic Parser. An easy to use PHP library ideal for working with affiliate product feeds, automatically recognizing and parsing almost any data feed file format. Your purchase entitles you to unlimited use, full source code including Magic Parser, and unlimited friendly help and technical support.

  • $59.95

This script is designed to help you find broken or moved links on your site or link pages. The title obtained from the checked site is displayed (useful for finding expired domains that give no other discernible error). At the end an overview of the checked links is given and links are displayed by code.

  • Free

An interface to search Google via email.

  • Free

Run your own yahoo messenger invisibility detection script. Give your visitors the chance to see who's appearing as 'invisible' on their contact list.

  • $9.99

This script allows visitors to leave comments on any of your webpages. It uses an Access database to store comments, includes optional smiley and BB Code support, translates posted URLs into clickable links, uses CSS stylesheets to change the design, and employs anti-SQL injection methods for security.

  • Free

An easy way to have a box on your web page where people can post their comments. You control the appearance and more. It includes automated installation. HTML code will be generated. It uses a database to store all comments. A small JavaScript code reads these comments and shows them on your web page.

  • $34

A script for building a domain marketplace site. The user can buy and sell domains, check for available domain names online and register new domains. The program has a built-in search, where users can search by category, subcategory, extension and keyword. Each domain must pass admin verification.

  • $79

This script will submit your articles to article publishing sites quickly.

  • Free

Search and monitor expired domain names with a suite of tools such as bulk link popularity, domain digger, Alexa ranking anaylsis, detail domain stats, whois domains and domain filtering. Extract expired domains listed in Yahoo and Dmoz.

  • $90
Showing 101-125 of 251 Resources