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This component for the Joomla CMS allows you to manage testimonials on your website. You can select different templates and it supports photos, testimonial adding from front or back end, email notifications of new additions, CAPTCHA protection to prevent spam, and more.

  • $12

This script allows you to run an online petition. It is completely unbranded, fully customizable and open source, and features spam protection to prevent duplicate signatures, a results page with hidden email addresses, geographical IP lookup and display, two admin levels, batch deletion of unconfirmed signatures and more.

  • Free

This script offers you a web desktop-like portal with a set of tools to organize, track and store a large amount of information such as RSS feeds, personal notes, an organizer and more. Visitors can add just about any content from the web.

  • $199

A library containing a number of the most used Facebook Graph API UI controls that are used on Facebook Connect websites. Since the library is implemented as PHP wrappers around the Facebook API, it hides the complexity of the implementation from the developer and offers a very clean and understandable user interface.

  • $25

Remove a large batch of your posts from Google's groups.google.com Usenet archive.

  • Free

Create a virtual swap meet site in minutes. Users can list items to swap, sell or buy. They can also create a wish list for trading stuff. You can charge users a fee for listing, featured listings and an optional escrow service. Credit card payments are supported through Authorize.net and PayPal, as well as offline payment methods.

  • $99.95

A scripts plug-n-play website that features easy installation and configuration, easy template modification, over 33,000 listings for over 1,300 sections (scripts, books, tutorials, sites, frameworks, applications and tips), a search-able database, search-engine-friendly pages, a pre-made logo PSD file and more.

  • Free

This module for Joomla allows you to place sidebars in your articles, containing ads, polls, RSS feeds and more.

  • $69.99

Build your profile using this very easy-to-use and comprehensive tool. Upload pictures and show your services, contact information, messages and anything else. Visitors can view your pictures in thumbnail, list, preview, detail and slideshow formats.

  • $300

A multi-story system where visitors can add to stories that you have created.

  • Free

This script generates multi-level tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. It has a collapsible vertical tree listing that resembles the Windows Explorer folder view. Organize large amounts of data into hierarchical order with as many nodes and sub-levels as you need. Expandable elements can be used as links.

  • Free

Build your own Haunted House Directory web site without having to write code from scratch. An easy menu-driven web builder allows you to create a local area, state, country or even global listing with an automated user input system. Haunt owners can update their own listing with authorized account management capabilities.

  • $200

This is a PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by the same name. Free for commercial and non-commercial use.

  • Free

A small script which will countdown to any date specified. Easy to install and setup with a nice CSS-based layout.

  • Free

This script gives you the ability to add feeds to your website. It can auto-detect the feed type and supports RSS 0.90, 0.91,0.92, 1.0 and 2.0, and Atom 1.0 feeds. It displays it on your webpage as if the content were part of you page. It's easy to use for a non-programmer, template-based and includes a cache system.

  • $18

A simple ask and answer script using a flat text database. No MSQL database requirements.

This script will download TV listings from the RadioTimes web site and pull out all of the programs and times for the following week. It then highlights all of my favorites in a nice format. It's easy to change my list of favorites to yours.

  • Free

Quickly build a website for confessions or just about anything else, like stories about love, dating, or hating your boss. Visitors can post anonymously. It features picture upload, custom polls, a mature content filter, AJAX rating and comment replies, auto-approval option, inappropriate content flag, mod_rewrite for SEO and more.

  • $39.99

Start your very own online virus scanning web site. You will never have to worry about updating thousands of virus definitions yourself. Installation takes two minutes and it even comes with a template file that you can add anything to, including Google Adsense codes and more. It does not use a MySQL database.

  • $29.95

Enable users to write a review message or a comment. It can be used on any page and the message must be verified by the admin.

  • $25

A small but practical script to send your messages to Twitter automatically while you're away from your computer. Through the message archive in the script admin panel, you have full control over all the sent messages and their status. It supports special characters as well as non-latin characters to send in other languages.

  • $24.95

This script helps yoiu know when links are expired, if your link is placed on the website, and if the site works. You can store information about link text, payment details and the seller's contact information. The system supports multiple projects.

  • $29.99

This tool helps you select keywords and research keyword marketing. You can find out how many search times for terms. A deep analyze option can help you find more useful keywords. Original data from the Overture keyword database.

  • $29

A script for sharing source code and plain text with others. It has an Ajax interface that can be customized using the admin pages and a developer API to integrate seamlessly with your website or work as a standalone site.

  • $19

A light-weight, object-orientated menu script that installs in minutes and allows you to list an unlimited number of menus. It easily integrates into any web site design. Just embed 3 lines of code and you are up and running.

  • $14.95
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