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A script to create a website where users can bookmark and organize their favorite videos from various video sharing sites. Allow users to upload their videos to YouTube directly from your site, search multiple websites and bookmark them. It features a widget interfacing system, an AJAX plugin system to create modules, and more.

  • $89

Online t-shirt design and printing software to design your own customized t-shirts. The design can be quotes, pictures, cartoons and more.

  • $497

Easily create menus for your products. It was originally designed for restaurant use, but is suitable for any business that would like to make its products' prices public. Once installed everything can be updated from an easy-to-use admin page, making knowledge of HTML unnecessary.

  • Free
  • $49.99

This class allows you to perform proximity-based searches using Australian postcodes. By entering a postcode and a radius distance the script will return all postcodes that fall within the desired range. The class comes with a full Australian postcode database with coordinates (longitude, latitude).

  • $220 (AUD)

A PayPal donation script with easy customization of colors, fonts, the goal and more. Only one line of code to add to your pages, with easy step-by-step installation instructions.

  • $9.95

A 404 link checker that recognizes over 40 HTTP codes. It can filter out specific files, file types, directories and sensors.

  • Free

Allow visitors to instantly add your RSS feeds to their news reader of choice. This script supports several news readers.

  • $3.99

With this program, you can safely store all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers, memos, to-dos, access codes and any other confidential information in one place and access them from anywhere. A PDA interface allows you to use OPM through your PDA/Cell.

  • $24.95

Designed to automate tasks by scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals, a replacement for cron jobs on Unix or scheduled tasks using Microsoft Scheduler. Schedule a task to run hourly, daily or weekly.

  • Free

A multi-purpose publishing tool for documents, weblogs, websites and more.

  • $150

A clone of 43things.com that allows users to list their goals. An admin section allows you to manage site activities. Supports news feeds and messaging.

  • $700

This script tells you how fast your internet speed is. It's simple to use and very easy to install.

  • Free

Visitors can create personal pages for their subjects of interest. They can make money by placing ads on the page they create. The script has built in functionality for Amazon, Ebay, Cafepress, Flicker and many more. It supports tags, content voting, administration and much more.

  • $99

Automatically prints an "updated" next to specified file-links. Specify your own images and the length in days that the notification should appear.

  • Free

An improved version of the var_dump() function that is easier to read.

  • Commercial

IDIA creates a static way of communicating with computers with a dynamic IP.

  • Free

Easy to use interface allows you to create unlimited food menus. Add, edit, rearrange and hide/view your menu items with ease anytime, from anywhere you have internet access. You have the option to use type or graphics headers for the menu and category names. Hide or show menu items as needed. Integrates into your design.

  • $59

This IP blocker program will log the IP address of anyone who accesses the page and the time the page was accessed and wont let them come back for a set time limit. You can set the time limit to whatever you want. It will require that the log file have writable permissions.

  • Free

Search and monitor expired domain names with tools such as bulk link popularity, domain digger, extract expired domains listed in Yahoo and Dmoz, domain filtering, and check whois and alexa ranking details. Grab expired names or start an expired names business by offering membership subscriptions with PayPal.

  • $75

This script analyses the word structure of any page and lets you compare it with your competitors.

  • Free

This is a complete website designed to show articles relating to the medical field. Includes many advanced features and over 60 pre-installed articles.

  • $9.95

Web hosting review script with a star rating system, commenting, sorting, and more.

  • $59

A due date calculator/ovulation predictor script. The installation is super easy and does not require any PHP knowledge. No database is required.

  • Free

Processes and displays the Betty Mills product data feed. Allows users to browse through 30,000 products in 1,400 categories offered by BettyMills. Featured products are randomly selected and shown on each category page. The most popular products are shown on the main page.

  • Free

Import data from Facebook to a PHP page. All the information from a Facebook Profile, Group, Album or Picture is saved into different variables with intuitive names. This makes it easy to implement data at specific places on a page. It uses a zipped cache to quickly show as much information as you want.

  • €4.90
Showing 201-225 of 251 Resources