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    Random Images

    Randomly select images or backgrounds for your web site.
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    Random Links

    Offer visitors to your site a random link from a pre-selected list.
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    Random Text

    Randomly include any type of text, including HTML tags and more.
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This script generates random links, images and more. You can define the number of random items to show up at once, prioritize the generations and more.

  • Free

Randomly display text, images, ads, banners and more.

Randomize popups/unders and track them with this management server. It creates all the code you need and is implemented on sites with one line of code. It creates the kill-proof DHTML popovers.

  • $47

Rotate images, links, text, ads, news, articles, banners, URLs, cartoons, etc., by day of the month or year, by hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and in order or randomly.

  • Commercial

Display tips, quotes, banners or pictures sequentially, randomly or periodically on your pages. Includes automatic exclusion of doubles, hundreds of citations, no database required and several displays with different modes per page.

  • Free

An easy to use tool that allows you to implement a random popup into pages on your web site. Just include a snippet of code and everytime you add a URL into the database it will be included in the cycle.

  • Free
Showing 1-6 of 6 Resources