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Manage your links and hide them with a small link. It requires no database, allows you to add an unlimited number of links, and there is a counter to show how many times each link is visited. It is very useful for those who work with affiliate programs and don't want people to see their long affiliate links.

  • Free

Run your own subdomain forwarding service. Your members signup and can instantly use your short forwarding URL. Also includes a user friendly admin interface.

  • $39.99

A ready to use which allows you host a URL shortening service for visitors and for your own links. It features search-engine-friendly short URLs and meta tags, an option to let users create a custom alias for the URL, top URL browsing, setup of site meta tags and static pagesm, a contact page with CAPTCHA verification and more.

  • $39.90

Create a URL shortening service under your own domain. This script can create shorter URLs that do not break in email messages. As a site owner, you can use the script for managing downloads, masking URLs, and keeping track of how many times a link has been clicked.

Start your own URL shortener service like It is highly customizable´╗┐ with 100% open source code.

  • $9.99

Shorten long addresses and have your web site redirect people to the longer addresses without having to create virtual links in your web server.

This script will allow you to add as many URLs to shorten as you want and provides you with detailed stats on those URLs. It includes an ad selling feature to sell top and bottom sponsor ads at your website.

  • $99

Start your own URL shortening service to convert a long internet address into a shorter one. When someone clicks the link, they will be shown a page with static text (your ad) before being redirected. The admin can change the text, the time it is shown and optionally switch on/off ads for some URLs.

  • $39.95

This script will cloak links if you don't want the real URL showing in the address bar. Just enter the links in the admin panel and cloaked links are generated automatically. It includes click tracking.

  • $19.95

Create shorter URLs to be used in emails, blogging platforms or any website. You can use the short URL script for managing downloads, masking URLs, or tracking how many times a link has been clicked. It's easy to install and customize, and features user registration, password-protected URLs, custom tags, detailed stats and more.

  • $35

A tiny URL script that turns all big links into tiny ones which are useful for texting, twitter and forums with character limits. Includes Smarty templates for ease of customization, a member area to manage and track URLs, an admin area to manage members and URLs, and an API feature.

  • Free

A URL redirection application to shorten long and unwieldy URLs into smaller, more meaningful URLs. It provides similar functionality to online services such as TinyURL or shortURL, but can be used with and hosted on your own domain. It is easy to install, configure and maintain, and features an access log to find 404 errors.

  • Free
  • $10

This URL shortening script includes lots of features such as URL preview, visits counter, complicated CAPTCHA, SEO-friendly URLs, support for Unicode tags for non-latin tagging, a template system, ad management, an admin back-end, user registration, deletion code, and more.

  • $199

AJAX-powered advanced script to start a short URL cloaking service or affiliate links management site. Supports shared links, custom tags and bulk submissions, users registration, redirects stats for registered and non-registered users. Easy to advertise, install and manage.

  • $59.50

Create short coded URLs that hide your original links. It will also keep track of how many times a link has been clicked. It can be used for managing your downloads without exposing the download folder, keeping track of outbound HTTP links and masking URLs. You can even use it to hide your mail address from SPAM robots.

  • Free
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