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Online social networking software that allows you to start your own community. It allows members to connect to people in their personal networks and make friends, match making, dating, locate jobs and join groups. It includes compose messages, post listings, join groups, write testimonials for friends, email notification and more.

  • $280

A social networking script that allows you to run your own micro-blogging site with features like creating and sharing plans, real-time weather information for over 200 countries, RSS channel creation from admin panel, an info channel for interaction and advertising, poll creation from admin panel, advanced SEO tools, and more.

  • €149

Quick and easy way to start a social networking site. This site was modeled after MySpace. The interface for users is easy and fully customizable so they can have their own individually styled profile. Includes groups, messaging, classifieds, forum integration and more.

  • $125

A web-based community system that is object oriented. It's database abstraction layer allows it to be compatible with multiple databases. It includes a CMS, advanced admin and more.

  • Free

Start a video sharing and uploading community like Youtube and MySpace Videos. This is a powerful and feature rich solution combining both video sharing and social networking into one package. Features include template-based design, built-in Flash player for video streaming, integrated PayPal payment system and more.

  • $350

An online Web 2.0 platform specializing in social networks, blogging sites, web communities, gallery presentations, link directories and article portals. It is a universal web community script.

  • Free

An all-in-one solution to quickly and easily create a social network. It features full user profiles, a friends system, user photos, messaging, profile and photo comments, and Ajax-powered live chat and user searching.

  • $14.99

Create a video sharing site like YouTube or a social networking website with elements of video hosting. The admin panel allows to customize the profile form, the video blocks on front page, the video player toolbar and watermark; manage every aspect of members' activity (videos, channels, comments, playlists); and more.

  • $199

A full featured social bookmarking script to run your own portal. Users can store, organize and share their favorite links. Earn revenue through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense advertising and direct ad space selling.

  • $59

Create a social network on your website. Right out of the box, it offers nearly all of the features found on popular social networks. You have absolute control over the appearance and structure of your social network. Add on features as you see fit, including blogs, groups, photo and video albums, messaging, search and more.

  • $250

A web community script that allows you to build any kind of online community.

  • Free
  • $99
  • $998

Customizable, fully featured video sharing that enables users to maintain an online social network community portal.

  • $418

Allow your visitors to upload, view and share video clips to run your own video sharing portal like Youtube.

Online social networking software that allows you to start your own site just like Myspace, Hi5 and Facebook. It allows members to connect people in their personal networks and people can create a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.

  • $600

High-end community software which is a perfect base for an online dating or social networking business.

  • $795

A complete social video bookmark script with many features. Users are able to manage, share and comment on video and text bookmarks online. In the admin panel you can manage settings.

  • $99

Customizable social networking engine script to create your own online community portal in minutes. Easy to monetize your portal using ads or the built-in virtual gift store. It features easy to change design templates using built-in themes, web chat, message boards, photo gallery, multiple themes, blogs and more.

  • $149.95

A coupons and deals site with advanced features, the ability to add individual stores with logos, coupon codes and deals, percentage sales, and commenting and rating. It combines a coupon site with social networking. Each user gets their own profile and has the ability to add coupons, sales deals and polls, start or join groups, and more.

  • $499.99

Start your own video sharing and uploading community website like the big boys (Youtube, DailyMotion, Google Video). This software offers a powerful and feature rich solution at an extremely affordable price. Features include: template based, built-in Flash player for video streaming, integrated PayPal payment system and more.

  • $99

A solution for building your own social and business networking service. The script is smarty-template based and fully customizable. It features profiles, photo albums, basic and advanced search, an internal message system, testimonials, classifieds, events, and clubs. An admin console enables you to manage everything.

  • $300

Create a social network website. Your members can create their own profile page and change their profile theme, update their status, upload photos, write a blog and more.

  • $99

Start a client-based or corporate community site with corporate, business and niche social networking templates. It supports multiple admins, a multilingual interface, easy site management, professional profiles, a user wall with comments, privacy settings for users, guestbook, direct links to profiles, photo/video/audio galleries, and more.

  • $499

Build a social networking site similar to Facebook. It offers special features such as news feed and mini feed through which one can view their friends' and their own activities in their profile.

  • $217

Turnkey script to start an online social bookmarking site like Del.icio.us where visitors may keep and share their favorite links. Links are organized as illustrated lists and tree-like structures with a WYSIWYG interface powered by AJAX.

  • $59

Quickly and easily start a fully-featured social networking site with many of the advanced features of existing social networking sites, such as MySpace, Friendster, or Tagworld. The look can be fully customized. It comes with a built-in IM system, blogging, events, custom profiles, groups and more.

  • $199
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Showing 1-25 of 32 Resources