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Create your own web poll with this script. Easy to install and run with a fully adjustable design. Create up to five answers and add/remove/edit/reset the poll.

  • Free

Create polls that can run on any website or blog. Embed the polls with a simple Javascript call. It features unlimited options for each poll, graphical presentation of results, and optional vote limiting by IP address.

  • Free

This tool is for scientific/marketing research professionals with no programming knownledge. Features random question sequence, branching/skip logic, matrix questions, all types of questions support in 2 different formats, timing and more.

  • Free

A system that allows for quick polls or longer surveys with multiple questions. It features an admin interface and template mechanism to customize your surveys.

  • Free

Create as many polls as you want. Incorporate voting forms into your existing pages. The results page displays graphical results and is fully customizable. It includes anti-cheating mechanisms to prevent multiple voting and admin functions to manage your polls, including the ability to lock any completed poll.

  • $19.95

Add a small voting form to your webpages. People can then vote on whatever topic you add, and see the results in an animated bar graph. Adding a voting option to your web page can be a great way to get feedback as well as build a sense of community.

  • Free
  • $24.99

Create as many surveys as you like, each with unlimited questions. Also, specify how visitors will be able to answer each question. Survey results can be viewed by the admin and optionally by your visitors.

  • Commercial

Setup multiple voting polls from a simple XML file. Optional cookie setting deters repeat voting. You can allow users to select more than one answer in a poll and they can always view results without voting. You can set a closing date, after which votes will not be accepted.

  • $2

A simple single question poll with infinite choices, and an admin panel to delete and add choices.

  • Free

A quiz script. Using an XML file, you can easily add, edit, and delete questions. Questions can be short answer or multiple choice. After all questions have been answered, xmlQuiz generates a report that allows the user to compare his performance to that of other users. You can review this report at any time.

  • $1.99

This poll script employs a simple to use admin interface and template customizations to adapt the poll to the design of your site. Setup unlimited polls.

  • Free

A fully featured rating script to allow your members to view and rate each program depending on their own experiences. You can generate income from top and bottom sponsor advertisements, and through Paid Feature Program listings. Includes a built-in affiliate program.

  • $79

An online poll builder with a web-based interface that lets you easily create and display simple polls to your visitors. Complex poll grouping and chaining options exist, as well as a flexible CSS and template system that gives you the ability to customize the entire look and feel of each poll. Double vote blocking exists and poll results can be private or public.

  • $59

This script allows you to quickly and easily put a web poll on your web site. It takes less than three minutes to setup.

  • $19

A review website script that clones It features review writing, event and classifieds posting, a forum, messaging, business owner features, paid upgrades via Google Checkout, professional installation and free updates for life.

  • $800

This script allows webmasters to enable visitors to rate articles or any documents. It uses CSS stylesheets for a customized appearance and stores IPs in an Access database to disable multiple ratings by a user. Translate posted URLs into clickable links which can be enabled/disabled.

  • Free

A polling system with a powerful admin tool that supports both text file and MySQL databases. Its features include multiple polls, unlimited options, IP logging and locking, cookie support, a comments, vote expiry, and random poll support.

  • $140

Beautiful, lightweight audit and evaluation software designed for the modern day web browser, iPhones and BlackBerries. Create your own scored audits and evaluations, add unlimited criteria per evaluation, select from True/False and Scored or Non-Scored criteria, set your own standards and passing mark, and more.

  • $17

Let your users vote by clicking on the stars. You can only vote once per IP address. This script is written very simply, with clear comments, and is only one file long.

  • Free

A rating script. Its main features are the ability to show statistics in a bar graph, to use it in HTML pages, and to decide how it will look. The PHP script uses JavaScript and is very easy to customize. All data is stored in text files, so there is no need for databases.

  • $2.35

A simple file-based polling script with easy installation and setup. You only need to edit one text file with the question and answers.

  • Free

This review script features multi-tier categories, user authentication and profiles, unlimited rating criteria, full site-wide SEO, Web 2.0 features and design, user-generated content, and a backend admin panel.

  • $65.95

A robust item rating application designed specifically for highly active community sites. Catalog and present item listings via your site and empower community members to provide personal ratings and feedback. Features vendor module, item attachments, external commerce integration and more.

  • $135

Powerful AJAX polling management software that allows you to manage its default poll or any other integrated poll within Zvoters. It features an admin control panel, smart integration of other MySQL databases, multiple admin accounts, real-time vote monitoring, dynamic bars and pie charts, weekly and hourly charts, and more.

  • Free

A voting system that displays a bar graph with vote percentages. It produces bar columns for each vote option. Add or remove vote options and change option names, bar color, the background color, and text color.

  • Free
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