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    Simple Access Control

    Password protect your web site or particular pages without the hassle of large membership systems.
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This script allows an admin to securely administer the users and passwords of a .htpass file. It is easy to use and manage your user accounts.

  • Free

A flexible user management solution that provides access control, vCards, plugins, documented API, Apache flatfile and DBM, data import/export, multiple on-the-fly user properties and more.

  • Free

A very simple and lightweight church management system to manage members and create a church directory. Members can send private messages, update their profile, read upcoming events and discuss sermons and Bible study on the forums.

  • Free

Allow users to access a secure area of a web site after the purchase of a PayPal subscription. Users are automatically allocated to the areas after payment has been confirmed or manually added through the admin displays. It checks transactions to prevent fraud and spoofing, administers the users and sends confirmation emails.

  • $65

A feature-packed membership script to build, manage and promote a professional membership site. Built with ease-of-use in mind, installation is a breeze and setting up content is easy with a WYSIWYG page editor. All members are automatically affiliates and earn a percentage of the membership fee of members they refer.

  • $137

A tool for protecting your website directories and managing member areas. It uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict access on a per-directory basis. It features member control, five admin levels, a stats tool, account expiration facility, logging, registration setup, multi-lingual support and more.

  • $24.95

A basic membership management script that supports PayPal subscription payments and is fully customizable using templates. It features free and paid memberships, protected content stored in PHP files, automated account expiration, account activation email to free members and more.

  • $19

This script is designed for those who wish to create a web site with a member area quickly, with the least effort and expense, and to provide access to it through a login. It can integrate with any PHP/MySQL site easily.

  • $25

A web-based, secure application for storing and retrieving usernames and passwords.

  • Free

Create a subscription web site. Visitors can access digital products instantly after paying through Paypal. This script processes subscriptions and protects membership areas. It uses Paypal IPN to handle user payment. The webmaster can define multiple subscription plans, one-time/recurring payments, and trial period subscription.

  • $89

A membership management system that allows your clients to access your products through a client area which is protected by password. Easily create and manage your clients as well as protected groups.

  • $79.95

Geo-location detector and optional blocker. It uses a list of over 90,000 IP address ranges to determine what country site visitors come from. If country-blocking is enabled, visitors from blocked countries can be shown a configurable message and/or redirected to a specific page or domain. Or they can be booted off your site.

  • $99

This script will generate a random password based upon the length entered by the user.

  • Commercial

A web application designed to manage and authenticate users from multiple web sites. it features web links management, automatic link exchange checking, download management and RSS emails.

A login system with a login and registration page. It has also an admin panel. Simply include the protect file on every page you wish to protect.

  • Free

A powerful yet easy to use script to protect your web pages and other web assets from digital product thieves. It features management of unlimited members and member groups, a secure login script, password protection, IP banning, custom registration fields for each group, mass mailing to all users, and more.

  • $74

A PHP/MySQL login script with CAPTCHA-based user registration to protect your pages with a members login system.

  • Free

Protect secure members-only content. Offer instant access for your subscribers. Automate Paypal and Paypal credit card subscription billing. Secure entire directories with htaccess/htpasswd or protect individual pages. Operate multiple subscriptions with multiple billing options.

  • $44.41

This program allows multiple web servers to share common session handler storage so visitors can move between servers while still maintaining the same session.

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