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This is a quick guide on displaying a RSS feed on your website. It is not meant to be extensive, it is meant to get your feet in the door of displaying content using RSS in the quickest time possible.

This is a demonstration that obtains stock quotes from NASDAQ's website.

Tutorial on using the Yahoo search web service with classes from the Zend framework.

A simple PHP-based ISBN lookup tool for looking up book data (title, author, publisher, LCC, price, etc.) from's remote access XML API.

This example shows you how to get the UK National Lottery stats, input it in a MySQL database and display the results.

This article at Developer Shed, written by Duncan Lamb in September of 1999, explains how to grab headlines from a remote web site, and allow users to login and have custom content delivered based on preferences set in cookies.

This tutorial explains how to use Curl and SimpleXML, a PHP 5 extension used to parse XML data. Topics covered include loading XML documents, parsing nodes and attributes, and filtering data with XPath statements.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can retrieve actual weather information from Yahoo Weather and display this information on your own site.

This tutorial uses a simple bash shell script to retrieve news, which is then passed to a perl script to be placed into a database and can be accessed on the web through simple PHP code.

An introduction to retrieving content from a web site using cURL. It shows you how to parse that content using PHP DOM and XPath to scrape links. It also discusses the legal issues involved with scraping content and lists sites that have free content to scrape.

Showing 1-10 of 10 Resources