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This February, 1999 column by Tim Perdue in PHP Builder explains how to validate e-mail addresses and then send an e-mail using only PHP.

A tutorial explaining how to send plain text and HTML emails using the PHP mail function. Examples with source code included.

This well-written article teaches you all you need to know about MIME header fields and how you can use PHP to send e-mail messages with attachments. Lots of sample code provided.

This short article explains how to use built-in PHP IMAP support to obtain your e-mail messages and read them on the web.

Let visitors send you email through your website. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of sending email with PHP.

This tutorial explains how to send text and HTML emails as well as how to send an attachment.

All about how to send mails using PHP.

Simple and secure function-wrapper around php mail(). Contains useful arguments (from, to, subject, text) and protection from malformed headers. Also, there is a simple mail form example.

A quick tutorial to demonstrate one way to prevent email injections, where a user can inject multiple email addresses into an email form.

This five-part tutorial first teaches you the mail fuctions that accompany PHP and follows with information on adding extra headers, when to use the mail function, how to talk to sendmail and how to have form results e-mailed to you.

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple mail sender class in PHP. It will cover some settings to avoid having your emails moved into a spam folder.

A basic tutorial that explains the mail() function included in PHP and how to use it.

Using the SMTP server from Gmail is a good choice for mail applications with less than 500 recipients a day. This tutorial shows you how to send mail messages via SMTP using PHPmailer and Gmail.

Showing 1-13 of 13 Resources