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    File Uploading

    Figure out how to allow web-based file uploads on your web site.
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Creating files with PHP is quite simple, but you need to be careful during file manipulations. In this lesson I will show you how to do it without headaches.

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created for document exchange. This tutorial explains how to read the plain text from a PDF file.

Basic tutorial that shows how to open local and remote files.

Create a backup script and execute the PHP script using a CRON job. This tutorial is for webmasters whose control panel only has capabilities to create full site backups and/or where the access via SSH is disabled.

A quick and easy PHP file upload script to teach you the basics of uploading files using PHP. This script is meant for educational purposes only and is not robust enough for a public file uploading solution.

This article summarizes how to read a file with PHP.

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This tutorial will show you how to create a file on your web server using your browser. Create a HTML form which store the file during the form processing mechanism.

This small explanation of how to open and read a file for use in your PHP scripts also includes a basic error protection example.

A collection of twelve tips on uploading files with PHP pages. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on creating file upload HTML tags, setting encoding type on HTML forms, getting uploaded file information, and storing uploaded files in a database.

This tutorial will show you how to create a PHP application to display directory content (filename, filesize, modification date) and navigate between directories.

This article contains an example application (a trivial file-sharing service) which uses embedded frames (IFRAME) to upload a file. While the file is uploaded to the hidden frame, the user can still access the webpage and fill in a "file description" field.

An example of a command line non-interactive script which uploads files to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Additional libraries like HMAC-SHA1 are not required.

This tutorial describes how PHP handles directories. You will look at how to create, remove and read them.

Creating zip files on a web server is a feature which could be very useful for backups or just for offering an unknown number of dynamic files or folder inside of a directory. This tutorial shows how to handle that with only a few rows of PHP code.

This tutorial will consider how to upload files to some directory on your web server. It will also discuss security issues concerned with the file uploading.

This article will address the task of reading "clean" text from the Rich Text Format (often abbreviated as RTF) using PHP.

A tutorial on how to open, read and close files in PHP.

A collection of 8 tips on PHP functions for working with file systems.

This tutorial covers different ways to write text to a file in PHP.

Tutorial demonstrates different ways of reading files in PHP.

This article demonstrates several ways to create Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and also CSV files using PHP. Learn how to create files using HTTP headers, COM objects, OpenOffice templates and the fputcsv function.

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