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This short tutorial presents an easy way to add a rating system to your site.

This tutorial will show you how to store a multidimensional array in a file and how to retrieve this data. With this method you can imitate a very basic database functionality.

This article will try to summarize the basics of Ajax and PHP communication. At the end you can find a fully working Ajax - PHP example.

A tutorial explaining how to check to see if a link is working or not.

Step by step instructions on how to create a Facebook appplication using PHP, from creating your application profile to actually coding it. Covers Facebook Markup Language and the Facebook API. Also lists resources for further reading.

Learn the different variables types in PHP (string, float, etc), how they are declared, how they can be used in your program and what they can be used for. A quick tutorial for those as well who are making a shift from another language to PHP.

Learn how to create multidimensional arrays in PHP. To demonstrate multidimensional arrays, this tutorial will create a form and another page to handle the form.

This tutorial will attempt to explain how to use arrays in PHP.

An article explaining a method faciliating team development of PHP projects.

This tutorial provides notes and example code on the SOAP Extension in PHP 5.3.1. Topics include downloading and installing PHP 5.3.1, configuring SOAP Extension, reviewing SoapClient class and methods, calling RPC method-based and XML document-based web services, RPC/encoded style requiring encodingStyle attribute, SoapVar constructor creating encoded values, and XSD_ANYXML creating raw XML document.

Notes and tutorials on PHP SOAP Extension server side functions, writing server and client programs using SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2, and writing WSDL document.

This tutorial will show you how to divide your code into more files and how to include various files into your actual PHP code.

This tutorial goes over the basics of regular expressions and introduces some common PHP "preg" functions.

A collection of 19 tips on PHP functions on arrays. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on searching keys and values, sorting arrays, merging two arrays, looping on array elements, and expanding and truncating arrays.

A collection of 19 tips on understanding and using sessions in PHP. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on starting and closing sessions, saving and retrieving values in sessions, deciding how session IDs should be transferred, deciding where to store session files, deciding when to expire session values and more.

How to use PHP strings and basic string manipulation functions.

This article will show you how to use PHP regular expressions in your own scripts.

This short lesson teaches you how to convert a string to array using PHP's built-in functions.

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This article explains how to create a web site constructed on the fly by PHP modules that return HTML data to be included in final web page. To boost performance you can even cache the modules.

Learn how to let your users choose amongst multiple CSS styles with PHP.

Learn some basic to intermediate PHP skills with this tutorial.

A detailed PHP tutorial that shows how to create a useful function to secure a web site from attack attempts passing through text boxes.

This article explains how to use Apache ErrorDocument redirects and PHP to create custom 404 Not Found responses and more. It also explains how to throw an error from within a PHP script.

This article examines a function to detect undesired words in a message.

This tutorial focuses on integrating the PDFLib with PHP4 to create PDF documents for your web site, including on the fly formatting from a MySQL database.

Showing 26-50 of 59 Resources