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This article shows you how to distribute a setup required by your program to run.

A collection of 23 tips on understanding and managing cookies in PHP. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on setting and receiving cookies, creating and removing persistent cookies, specifying domain and path to restrict cookies, finding cookies in cookie files and cookie limitations.

A collection of 19 tips on creating your own PHP functions. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on defining functions, defining arguments, passing references, returning references, argument default values and more.

A tutorial explaining how to cache PHP pages to reduce server load.

A detailed introductory tutorial on PHP sessions.

Create your own topsite script with this tutorial.

A collection of 11 tips on PHP array introduction. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on declaring and creating arrays, assigning and retrieving array elements, identifying elements by keys and indexes, and copying arrays.

This tutorial will show you how to work with arrays in PHP. You will learn how to create, sort or print an array. It will also touch on multidimensional arrays.

Learn how to create an XML/RSS feed dynamically through PHP.

Showing 51-59 of 59 Resources