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This article discusses one method of searching your web site contents. It explains how to setup ht://Dig (a compiled program) and then explains a method of searching this database using PHP, even though ht://Dig is normally run as a CGI script. This article was placed in Developer Shed by Colin Viebrock on March 15, 1999.

This short code snippet and explanation explains how to loop through a directory of files and determine which ones match a regular expression and which don't, so a list of macthing files for the criteria used will be returned.

This article explains how to perform searches on a MySQL database of your dynamic web content. It also has a section on noise reduction to eliminate common words and phrases. This article appeared on April 30, 1999 in Developer Shed and is written by Clay Johnson.

This short diary entry explains how you can count and display the number of times a word appears on a web page.

This tutorial provides methods for exact keyword matching and a type of fuzzy search. Also included in this tutorial is an overview of using databases in PHP and a heavy concentration on classes.

Showing 1-5 of 5 Resources