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PHP4 includes new session handlers, which can also be extended to provide more flexibility in the way they run and operate. This column in PHP Builder by Ying Zhang describes how to customize these session handlers and demonstrates with DMB files and MySQL databases.

This article examines session management and explains how to add it to your web site in either PHP 4 or PHP 3 and PHPLIB.

This column by Mattias Nilsson explains what sessions are and only the very basics of the session management features built into PHP 4. A later column Session Management in PHP4: A followup gives some example code.

An introduction to using PHP sessions to track users and store their information while visiting your site.

Learn how PHP sessions work.

HTTP as a protocol is stateless. PHP4 comes with a complete set of sessioning functions. This article explains how to use them.

This tutorial will teach you what sessions are, why they're used and how you can implement them using PHP programming.

Written for the advanced PHP programmer, this tutorial explains in detail how to use the built-in session handlers of PHP 4.

Showing 1-8 of 8 Resources