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    PHP 101

    This series of articles from Developer Shed introduce the newcomer to many PHP related topics, such as conditional structures, database techniques, file interaction and much more.
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Take this crash course on PHP, and see how it could be a smart alternative to using CGI to add interactivity to your site.

This introduction and tutorial of PHP explains the basics of the language, how it can be used and how it works.

A tutorial introducing some basic syntax and concepts for scripting in PHP.

Learn what you need to do to convert your static HTML website to a PHP-based dynamic website.

Fourteen tips on PHP functions related to file input and output. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on opening files for reading and writing, appending data to existing files, reading a file by line or character and reading a file in binary mode.

PHP tutorial that covers the language and basic functionality.

A tutorial that assumes you know nothing about PHP and guides you through the basics of PHP.

This introduction to PHP by W.J. Gilmore published at Developer Shed in March of 1999 starts out by helping you get your feet wet with the language, followed by instruction on forms and variables and MySQL database interfacing and output.

This tutorial lays down the foundations needed for a solid understanding of strings.

This six-part introduction to PHP from CNET includes PHP Syntax, simple and multi-part forms, cookies, dates and times and more.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side language. This article introduces you to PHP. You will learn basic PHP syntax, what it looks like, and possibilities that PHP provides.

PHP tutorials on using arrays, including exporting keys and values, searching keys and values, sorting by keys, padding and splitting arrays, and more.

A quick overview of what PHP is, what it can do for you and how to get started.

This tutorial introduces PHP, teaches youto write a simple 'Hello World' program and then shows you how to include dynamic content.

PHP and HTML tutorials with over 150 articles for new and experienced webmasters.

Tutorials on defining functions, defining arguments, passing references, returning references, argument default values and more.

The purpose of this online book is to make the power and ease of use of PHP accessible to both novice and experienced web developers. The book covers all aspects of PHP-based development and includes extensive examples intended to bring theory to life.

A complete introduction to the basics of PHP, including operators, control flow to forms, server variables, cookies and HTTP headers.

An all-in-one PHP resource covering basic and advanced features, PHP's MysQL connections and AJAX interactions, and more.

This is a very brief introduction to PHP (what it is and how it works) and provides minimal sample code to show the basics of this language.

Learn the basics of PHP.

This tutorial will show you to to use PHP with MySQL. It will show you how to create a database and tables to store your data, and how to retrieve and manipulate the data you stored.

Covers the basic structure, variable handling, and loops. Aimed at beginners wanting to start learning PHP.

Getting a basic familiarity with PHP is not difficult, but if you donít understand a few key elements you will find it difficult to work with. This beginning PHP tutorial attempts to break down a few of the core PHP programming elements through simple examples and descriptions.

A PHP tutorial that covers 15+ areas of PHP, from echo function to associative arrays.

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Showing 1-25 of 27 Resources