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This article shows how to use variables in PHP, along with examples and descriptions.

This article describes refactoring. Refactoring is the changing of complex and complicated code into simple and confusion-less code, restructuring it into easily readable formats without any change in the output or functionality. Refactoring does not include glitch fixes, or new functionalities or practices.

In this article, the principles of using multidimensional arrays are explained, and source code defining multidimensional arrays and displaying the array values on the web page is given.

Cookies are a fun and useful way to save data on a user's computer. The stored information can be used to identify them the next time they come to the site. This tutorial will attempt to show how to create cookies, retrieve cookie values and delete/destroy cookies.

This tutorial gives a brief overview of basic regular expression syntax and then considers the functions that PHP provides for working with regular expressions.

An article on how to organize and structure a project more efficiently using include files.

This article describes common security mistakes in PHP and how to avoid them.

This article describes the benefits of using CodeIgniter as a PHP framework.

This article describes the basics to create and make operations with indexed, associative, and multidimensional arrays.

This article explains what functions are and walks through the creation of a function.

This small tutorial goes through a login and signup procedure which require the use of a database connection. The login data is stored inside a session variable.

This tutorial explains how to use exceptions to better track and handle errors.

A short lesson what strings are and how to use and manipulate them in PHP.

Useful regex patterns which will help you in your day-to-day programming.

Thousands of tips, tutorials and examples of how to use PHP functions.

A tutorial on how to write clean, secure and easy to maintain PHP code.

A collection of 7 articles explaining array in PHP

In this article, we explain why optimizing PHP involves many factors which are not code related, why tuning PHP requires an understanding of how PHP performs in relation to all the other subsystems on your server and identifying bottlenecks caused by these subsystems and fixing them. Also learn to tune and optimize your scripts.

Learn to use PHP's FTP functions to create directories and files and change file mode. Also learn how to write data to configuration files in a more secure way.

A short lesson on your first PHP program. Features coding examples to get you started.

This tutorial will tell you how to sort an array in numerical or alphabetical order.

Sometimes when you write code, you want to perform different actions for different decisions. You can use conditional statements in your code to do this. In this tutorial we will look at two structures: if/else and switch statements.

Regular expression is powerful, but hard to learn. This page allows you to learn and test regular expressions with your own strings, match patterns, sub patterns, and modifiers.

A lengthy PHP tutorial that explains how to maintain state between pages, use PostgreSQL and install PHPLIB.

This tutorial covers how to create files in PHP.

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Showing 1-25 of 37 Resources