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Your source for PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, mIRC scripts and snippets, PHP tutorials, free templates and other useful scripting resources!

An ASP, Java, Javascript, Perl, CGI, Python and PHP scripts provider. You can also post your free scripts on the site or choose to sell your PHP scripts.

A collection of top-rated free PHP scripts.

Categorized links to PHP scripts and PHP classes.

Find PHP scripts, articles, tutorials and other helpful resources.

A directory and archive of free and commercial scripts and other PHP resources.

A website dedicated to maintaining a list of PHP help desk scripts. You will also find various articles about how to setup, use and improve your customer support.

Offers PHP scripts, programs, tutorials, articles and book reviews.

A categorized directory of open source web scripts. It provides a place for compiling, storing and distributing open source resources.

A place where you can find several free PHP scripts and resources.

Interesting and useful tutorials/code snippets on the most popular web-related technologies.

A source code repository for PHP functions and snippets with code sharing capabilities.

A directory of free PHP scripts such as forums, photo galleries, CMS, e-commerce solutions and more. Each script has a demo so that you can test it before installing it.

A large searchable code repository with approximately 15 broad categories you can browse.

This experimental service first offered classes authored by just one person, but has expanded to accept them from all developers.

This archive at PHPBuilder allows you to share your code, snippets, scripts and functions with the open source community.

This site lists scripts about projects about PHP, including templates, CMS', blogs, guestbooks and newsletters.

Find ready-made scripts that replicate the functionality of your favorite sites, particularly social services. If you want to build your own MySpace, YouTube, Imageshack/Photobucket, Wikipedia or Stickam, Script Mimic has lots of scripts listed, with prices ranging from free to thousands of dollars.

This resource site includes PHP scripts and tutorials.

A growing collection of simple, fun scripts appealing to kids. Free and easy-to-use, most of these scripts combine PHP, simple javascript and DHTML.

Showing 1-20 of 20 Resources