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Webmaster-related discussion board about PHP, HTML, JavaScript and more.

These are archives for most of the official PHP mailing lists, including php-developer-list, php-db, php-general, php-i18n, php-install, php-migration, php-windows, phplib-list and more.

Sitepoint is a community of webmasters willing to help anyone out with their coding problems or questions. The PHP section of their forum is particularly useful.

A group for PHP users and developers in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Based in Colorado Springs, we meet regularly to discuss technology topics related to PHP web development and supporting technologies.

Two PHP web-based message boards exist at Zend, including one that focuses on general PHP questions of all flavors and one that is specific to the Zend Optimizer for PHP.

This ICQ interest group aims to gather people who use both PHP and ICQ so they can always be sure to have someone they can instantly turn to if they need help that would be quicker than mailing lists or newsgroups.

IRC chatroom for PHP related discussion and support.

Talk about anything PHP related.

This is a group for users and enthusiasts of the PHP scripting language. Discussions of all topics under this heading are encouraged.

A great forum for both beginners and advanced coders that covers PHP, Perl, ASP, JavaScript and more.

A community site offering support forums for PHP and SQL.

This popular site includes three forums including General Help, Coding Help and Installation Help.

A forum for discussing any PHP programming.

A PHP user group in London, UK. Feel free to meet us in the first Thursday of every month.

This list was inspired by a seeming lack of discussion about PHP and XML despite the incredible popularity of both technologies.

A website dedicated to learning and teaching PHP. Here you will find a forum consisting of 75,159 members who have posted a total of 739,922 posts on the forums. Additionally, we have tutorials covering various aspects of PHP and you will find news syndicated from other websites so you can stay up-to-date.

A fairly active message board on all developer related PHP topics.

The php.net domain offers several mailing lists for PHP related topics, which include php-general, php-db (for database topics), php-install, php-i18n (for internationalization topics), php-migration, php-windows, php-dev and more.

W3Schools, the web-developer's information clearing house, has a forum dedicated to PHP.

Web design and development forums. Advice on HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP and other server-side languages.

Weborum forums have several sections including a growing PHP tutorial section, several scripts, and a PHP questions and answers board.

Gathering of Apache/MySQL/PHP skill, not limited to only the NY region.

Showing 1-23 of 23 Resources