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A comprehensive FAQ and knowledgebase solution with template management, web-based template editing, detailed stats and analysis, customer comments and article rating, printable articles, searching with search history, multi-language support, unlimited subcategories, full admin log and more.

  • $49

Create a simple FAQ section. Advanced PHP users can include their own site headers and footers, and can change the way FAQ lists and items are displayed.

  • Free

A simple knowledge base system to manage a frequently asked questions and answers section of a website.

  • $25

Designed to aid in creating and managing web-based documents requiring a hierarchy, it can be used for FAQs, manuals, how-to documents and more.

  • Free

A FAQ and Knowledgebase script to run a complete help desk solution with unlimited categories and subcategories. Users can browse categories; search articles; view articles by most popular, most viewed, last 15 articles, and featured articles; print, save, comment and rate articles; email articles to a friend; and more.

  • $20

An information publishing and customer support tool. You can use it to provide answers to your client's frequently asked questions. It reduces a webmaster's load of repetitive queries. It features a pre-integrated, attractive design that enhances your website's image, a feature-packed control panel, SEO-optimized pages and more.

  • Commercial

Publish articles, FAQs, content, tutorials and knowledgebase articles with search engine friendly URLs easily. It includes an admin area to add, edit and publish articles, add members easily, create and edit unlimited categories and subcategories, set category and articles weights for display, publish attachments with articles and more.

  • Free

Easy to use, powerful knowledge base software that is completely web-based, with simple installation and professional features, including a WYSIWYG HTML editor, attachments, unlimited questions and answers, active response system and more.

  • Commercial

A dynamic knowledgebase management system that allows you to create a repository of searchable and useful information for your web site visitors. It comes feature packed with many dynamic functions such as a FAQ section, a customizable user interface, a user feedback section, a built-in glossary feature and more.

  • $59

Maintain a FAQ database. This script features a MySQL database, category support, various display options, an admin interface, multi-lingual support, search functions, support for multiple instances in one database, header and footer support, optional user rating, question posting, and more.

  • Free

A knowledge base script to help create a support system for your customers.

  • $49.99

A simple knowledge-base script to create a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website.

  • $19.99

A simple script to help create and manage a FAQ page on your site.

  • Free

Put a Frequently Asked Questions section in your website. It features category browsing and FAQ rating, and the admin can create, edit, delete, store, rearrange and group FAQs. With the WYSIWYG editor, you can create interactive content, insert pictures, layout tables, add links and more.

  • $59

Add a powerful, searchable knowledge base to your website in minutes. Features WYSIWYG editing, searchable attachments, workflow, LDAP, active response, enhanced permissions and more.

  • $389

Create a very flexible and customizable FAQ system for your website. Supports multiple categories and provides admin access from the FAQ's main page.

  • $10

Add and manage a collection of frequently asked questions to your website. It can be used as a standalone script, or placed on a page in Wordpress or any other PHP content manager. It features PHP-based templates, three display modes, category hierarchy, an easy to use admin panel and reordering of categories and questions.

  • $15

Easily create and maintain a FAQ, documentation system, or complete support knowledge base. It features unlimited articles, categories and subcategories, file attachments, article comments, ratings, a glossary, full text search, related articles, a WYSIWYG editor and a customizable template/style system.

  • $89.95

This script features multi-level categories; site stats; customizable colors, fonts, styles, header/footer and outgoing emails; and the ability to create and save new color schemes and icon sets. Admin can post attachments and specify related articles. Visitors can comment, rate, print, refer or discuss articles.

  • $23

A password-protected admin area allows you to add, rename and delete categories or questions in your FAQ.

  • Free

A dynamic knowledgebase management system that allows you to create a repository of searchable and useful information for your visitors. It comes with many dynamic functions such as an optional FAQ section, a customizable user interface, a user feedback section, a built in glossary feature and more.

  • $99.95
Showing 1-21 of 21 Resources