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    File Downloading

    Track visitor downloads and get statistics on file downloads.
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    File Uploading

    Users can upload files directly through their web browser to your server.
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    Link Protection

    Protect your files from leech accesses and inappropriate links.
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PHP classes for creating RTF documents.

  • Free

Online multi-user file management software with fully featured user and group access permission functions.

  • $119

A webbased file manager that features directory list/make/delete/rename, file download/upload/delete/rename, edit description, view file and file/directory search.

  • Free

A file manager that allows you to handle files in a graphical layout similar to Windows Explorer. It supports directory creation, file uploading, moving/copying/deleting of files, hidden files, display of files in tree form, icons for different filetypes, and more.

  • Free

This program allows you to create and edit files on your webserver through your browser. You can control access to the shared file system for multiple users in a detailed way. You can easily integrate your own editing dialogs for a certain filetype.

  • Free

A lite version of MyWebFTP Personal, providing FTP client capabilities through your browser. Install it on a remote server and easily connect to your FTP servers through a firewall or a proxy not allowing FTP connections. No PHP built-in FTP support is required. Perform actions on many files at once. Password protected.

  • Free

A web-based FTP script that does not require the PHP built-in FTP support. Easily manage your files with paging and sorting, edit your files online, download and upload.

  • $59.95

This script allows a hosting company to provide customers with web-based FTP access. Admin can set up server adresses and allowed actions.

  • $49.95

Browse local directories on your server. This script supports viewing/editing files, creating/copying/moving/deleting files and directories, downloading and uploading files, file and directory search, permissions changing, partial multi-language support, user management and user authentication.

  • Free

This multi-user package helps maintain a document repository system for groups or corporations. It has folder, file and group permissions and includes a search tool.

  • Free

A script that allows you to navigate directories, view images, and delete files.

  • Free

This script wil convert any HTML page into a PDF file. Users can choose between multiple output formats including A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, B5 and more. They can send the output to the browser, to a file or save it on the server with a download link sent to a specified email address.

  • $29.99

This script lets you browse, edit, download and upload your files through HTTP.

  • Free

Easily rename many files. Add prefix or postfix to file names, uppercase or lowercase file names, replace or remove words and more. Easily customizable.

  • Free

A dynamic web-based file management system to create a user-friendly online document repository. You can create user accounts to give others access, set document permission levels, and email documents right from the system.

  • $149

A simple script that looks into a subfolder inside the directory it resides and lists all the files in that folder, displaying them in a linked format on the screen. This script comes particularly handy when you have a huge list of files you have to post a link to on a page, and do not want to type the link to them by hand one by one.

This script scans your web server's file system for dangerous and malicious code in public HTML, PHP, CGI and text files, usually caused by defacement or security holes in shared hosting accounts.

  • Free

This script creates a password-protected area where people can upload files and annotate them online. Each user can manage their own folder, or you can have many people share the same directory. The admin can limit permissions for certain users. Users can upload, rename and delete files and folders; send files by email; and more.

  • Commercial

A PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by the same name. If you use a Linux or Unix server supporting exec() and ps2pdf, you may also render the pages as PDF documents.

  • Free

This script allows users to ZIP files online and retrieve the archive by email or download. It generates header and page content based on the users search on a search engine, features captcha anti-spam verification, saves disk space by auto-deleting old ZIP files after a set number of minutes and more.

  • $35

A webbased file explorer. The user can navigate the folder tree under the configured root. On each folder, the user can view, copy, delete, move, rename, change permissions and edit the files, as well as download and upload multiple files. Recursive folder copy and deletion are supported.

  • Free

This script gives registered users the facility to upload and download any kind of files. It has an admin area and it counts the downloads.

  • Free

A secure and efficient backup script that can perform a full or partial website backup with ease and accuracy. It generates a .tar.gz file with your website data; allows you to select all or individual folders; boasts draggable rows to manually sort directories; and includes the ability to create, store and delete multiple backups.

  • $30

A set of file routines that simplify opening, creating, editing and deleting files. It eliminates the need to add many lines of code to your PHP program to perform simple file tasks.

  • Free

A web-based file management system that doesnt require any database setup. Used primarily as an FTP replacement, it supports directory confinement which blocks users from traversing out of a folder. Intuitive to setup and use.

  • Free
Showing 1-25 of 79 Resources