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A fully functional website where members can rate and meet other people. Members can see other member's profiles and private message or email the member. It can be used as a dating website with the payment system and customized profile fields.

  • $99

This script displays pairs of photos from a database. The visitor may choose the winning photo by clicking on it and select certain categories to "fight" against each other ("BMW" vs "Chrysler", etc.). Visitors may register, upload their own images and optionally comment photos. Earn money from banner or context advertising.

  • $49

An image voting and dating system all in one. People can rank other users' photos and meet them. It has a rich admin panel. It is very easy to install but includes free installation if desired.

  • $249

A database-based photo rating script that can be used across any number of web pages. Easy to install and use.

  • $10

A fully developed rate my photo system integrated with a variety of well-designed web templates. Users can exchange private messages, comment on each other's photos, and select a rating for photos. The admin can rename the categories from Male/Female, so this system can be used to rate more than just photos of people.

  • $69.95

A photo rating script in which users post and vote on photos of people. You can sell banner advertising with automated monthly payments via Paypal.

  • $9.99

Create your own rating site like AmIHotOrNot or RateMyKitten. This script is easy to use and fully templated.

Photo rating with an AJAX-powered vote interface and the ability for users to upload their images, comment and see their favorites. It includes tags, comments, user submissions, mass upload (for admin only) with automated unique page titles generator, automated moderation by users, and a powerful admin panel.

  • $49.50
Showing 1-8 of 8 Resources