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Released: Aug 24, 2000

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MiG - My Image Gallery

This image gallery program allows you to use multi-level folders to organize your photos. It comes with applications to create thumbnails or extract headers from images, but those require non-PHP tools.

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Posted by MyNameIsMonkey on Apr 30, 2002 Reply

Simple to install and easy to modify the look and feel of the gallery. My only complaint is that it puts all images from a single directory onto the same page. Because of this, I use a different script for most of my galleries. You can work around this by creating subdirectories for each page, but this is awkward and complicates navigation. This is great for smaller galleries, though.

Posted by troth on Aug 28, 2001 Reply

I think the only thing this program lacks is design, but that's no problem. Unfortunately I have no access to GD or ImageMagik, so I'm going to use this one for my site. It supports categories and subcategories and descriptions, which is pretty much what I am looking for.

Posted by digitalXF on Mar 07, 2001 Reply

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