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With this script you can count clicks on any link on your website. You can also hide your affiliate links. It uses a flat-text database so no SQL databases are necessary. Includes an admin panel to view link stats. You can also easily add, reset or remove links in the admin panel.

  • Free

This script will track the number of visitors/sales/subscriptions/downloads from different traffic sources, track sales/actions on remote and affiliate websites, calculate cost per click/sale/action for each traffic source, analyze and log click to sale/action conversion ratios, calculate ROI, shorten tracking URLs and more.

  • $67

A tracking script that was designed to track which traffic exchange is performing.

  • $49.95

This script creates detailed reports about profitability of your online advertising campaigns. It can track any internet campaigns and monitor multiple sites. Includes a web interface and campaign wizard.

  • $59

A flat-file download counter that is easy to integrate into any webpage. A template file is provided where the main code is stored and a little bit of code needs to be inserted into the page where the counter is to show. Can support multiple downloads.

  • Free

A powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing your visitors' clicks on any links on your website. It's generates detailed statistics for clicks for any period of time. It is easy to setup and config using a web-based setup.

  • $34.95

A script to monitor the number of clicks on your links. It has an admin panel for easy use.

  • Free

A powerful tool for counting and analyzing the visitor's clicks on your web site links. It generates detailed stats for clicks for any period of time. Admin can delete, rename, remove to another group or change count numbers for links and groups. It is easy to setup and config using a web-based setup.

  • Free

This script shows you how many people come to your website from each traffic source so you can know which ad campaigns actually work. It tracks sales and actions on affiliate websites, tracks keywords that lead to sales, calculates ROI, automatically shortens tracking URLs and more.

  • $77

Tells you about number of clicks, time of clicks, referer and visitor information. Comes with an easy to navigate admin panel where you can add, delete, reset and edit present listings. Easy to install.

  • $25

A link management system that can track all actions and interest of web site visitors. It can track each link as well as link groups.

  • $18.95

This script tracks actions, sales and redirects with an HTML generator. View summary or daily stats for any ad. It includes unlimited sub-campaigns and ads, and support for dynamic or automatically generated redirect files.

  • $47
Showing 1-12 of 12 Resources