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    Automatically send out followup emails to users after a sales request or other interaction.
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    List Maintenance

    Clean up your mailing list by removing duplicates, tracking bounced emails and more.
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A comprehensive and easy-to-use newsletter and mailing list manager with powerful personalization and customization features. It features easy installation, CMS newsletter templates, full customization with custom fields, scheduling options, subscriber import/export, advanced tracking reports, and more.

  • $79

A simple set of scripts for maintaining a mailing list system. Users can signup on multiple lists and only receive one copy if a message is sent to more than one list. Designed to deal with a very large number of e-mail addresses.

  • Free

This script features a web-based setup wizard, unlimited lists and subscribers, multiple admins, personalization of newsletters with user data, autoreplies, scheduled mailings, email attachments, link tracking, bounced email management, open/read tracking, opt-in/out, optional SMTP sending, detection of duplicate subscribers, mailing lists stats and more.

  • $59

Create your own mailing list and start sending successful newsletters in minutes. This software creates its own mailing server; no need to rent a separate one. It installs automatically and runs smoothly right out of the box. If you need to change some settings, you just open a web page with your favorite browser.

  • $149

This mailing list management script features bounced mail management, link tracking, read/view tracking, unlimited admins, sending filters, message templates, WYSIWYG editor for composing messages, no time-outs, message personalization, attachments, multiple send formats, web-based setup, double opt-in/out options, message archives and more.

  • $495+
  • $9+/mo

Octeth Email Manager Pro is the advanced version of popular Octeth Email Manager. Includes advanced user interface, greater efficiency, online help system and support for 7 languages. User can select to receive either text or HTML formatted messages.

  • $268

Send permission-based email messages, and measure and track the results. Create unlimited lists and send unlimited messages with no monthly fees. You can easily upload lists, view/edit users, use an online HTML editor to create messages, view past campaigns, schedule campaigns in advance and more.

  • $399

Versatile mass mailing software that can be used to add a mailing list to your web site or to organize stand-alone mailings. Includes unique features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers. Designed to be easy to use and powerfu.

An easy to use and extremely robust mailing list management system. It has a long list of features, but any admin can easily manage their mailing list and send messages. It includes simple web-based installation and upgrades, free lifetime program upgrades and support, easy message composition in both text and HTML formats, email attachments, pause/resume sending, and more.

  • Free
  • $43

An advanced but easy to use mailing list manager that works without a MySQL database. It features unlimited groups, subscriber data backup and restoration, message sending with template, a template manager, easy one-line code to show subscription from any page, optional subscriber unsubscription, and more.

  • $6

Easily create and send an HTML email. An HTML email can include graphics, icons and forms, and easily allows you to track responses and create interactive questionnaires.

  • $29

This script makes it easy for users to signup for your mailing lists. Creating and sending out email newsletters is a snap. If you your users wish to unsubscribe, they simply visit your unsubscribe page and enter the email address where they received the newslettter.

  • Free

A safelist script with a unique bounce system, ad rotation, online HTML editor, payment module with subscriptions, special credit links, Text/HTML mailers, regular and credits-based mailers, and more.

  • $70

Let your website visitors subscribe to your newsletter and send them emails using an easy to use admin page. An installation file will set up the script for you.

  • $28

A complete and robust newsletter solution that includes opt-in registration. A secure, user-friendly admin includes subscriber stats, an online WYSIWYG editor with preview, and a detailed subscriber List page with the ability to remove subscribers. Customizations are easily maintained via CSS and header/configuration files.

Keep in touch with your customers through an opt-in mailing list and an archive of that list suitable for use as a news page. It is designed to be extremely easy to install, requiring no modification -- just upload it and go.

  • Free
  • $49.99

Allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It features simple config, easy integration into your site, a password protected admin area, custom emails, batch sending of emails, personalised emails, stats reports, HTML/Text emails and more.

  • £30

Powerful mailing list manager software to manage campaigns through a user friendly web interface.

  • $129

Newsletter software with email customization, import/export of subscribers, double opt-in and unicode support.

  • Free

A mailing list manager and newsletter distribution tool. Let visitors subscribe to your list. Create and send text or HTML newsletters to your entire list from your browser.

  • $99.95

A simple and flexible newsletter script that has double opt-in and double opt-out and a tracker so you can resume timed-out sends.

  • Free

A simple to installation and use script for creating news and sending them on to subscribers's emails.

  • $24.99

An automated email list manager to manage your list members. Members confirm their addresses before they are added to prevent unwanted spam or unwanted subscriptions. Welcome message is easily customizable.

  • Free

This mailing list script features a simple installation procedure and works on both a MySQL database or file storage. The admin can require email confirmation from users and allow users to remove themselves from the list. Includes an admin page to send emails with many options.

  • Free

This simple newsletter script was designed for the beginner web programmer, but advanced users will find its features great. It features subscribe and unsubscribe with confirmation emails, a secure admin area, support for text or HTML newsletters, email archive, and subscriber addition, deletion and viewing.

  • Free
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