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    Address Books

    These scripts let you keep track of friends, family and other VIPs.
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    Online task and resource scheduling for reservations and booking.
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    To-Do Lists

    Keep track of the tasks for the day or other items on your to-do list.
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A project and client management script which allows you to track your ongoing projects, tasks, files and messages between you and your clients. It also acts as a "client area" for clients to log in to monitor their projects, to-do items and other vital information for efficient communication.

  • $80

Groupware that supports communication and management of teams via Intranet and Internet. Components are: calendar with ressource and project management, filesystem, address book, forum, chat, todo lists, voting system and more. Language files are available for English and German. Quick and easy installation procedure.

  • Free

This tool aids in the organizational needs of small groups. It includes a calendar, address manager, product listings, bug tracking system and project task management. It also includes multi-language support.

  • Free

A more advanced approach for simple todo lists. It is an AJAX/SQL-based multi user todolist, with priority, status and categories. You can use it as a bug track/feature request and task manager system within a group of developers or for a single user.

  • Free

This is the perfect tool for organizing many small lists, from office parties to IP numbers. Create new lists or add fields to existing lists in minutes. Access control and revision logs enable you to rollback prior entries at any time. XML and tab export enable you to convert lists to other formats and import to spreadsheets.

  • $19.95

A web-based knowledge worker automation suite that helps you and your workgroup get more done in less time. It features an address book, calendar/todo list, account manager, outcomes/goals management, group email, blogs, web documents, file sharing and notes modules. It also features keyword search capabilities.

  • $199

A web-based software tool which allows you to manage customer, project and task lists online. You can create multiple projects for every customer, defining the scope of work for each project and assigning personnel.

  • $390

An online note-keeping utility. Simple and flexible, it can keep notes and organize them in however many categories you want. Install as many copies as you like to the same database.

  • Free

A simple but efficient web-based task manager. Easy to install and very user friendly. It features RSS feed support, localization, multi-language support, UTF-8 support and more.

  • Free

A web-based issue tracking software tool which allows you to automate your business processes, in whole or part, so that documents, information, tasks and/or bugs are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules - workflow.

This system is designed to store all correspondence in one central and secure location, accessible by authorized persons from any part of the world.

  • $99

Designed to accommodate personal or commercial information on clients or individuals, this script will store records in a MySQL database that can be retrieved, viewed, edited or deleted with a password-protected admin area. You can edit the design and look to fit your own website.

  • Free

A web-based project management tool which provides a unified platform for your clients so that they can interact from one single point with various departments for different projects running simultaneously.

A simple interface for PHP project management. Added features of groupware range include user messaging and project collaboration, project management, note taking, file sharing and user management. Manage all your projects by setting up your clients to share files, set pricing, track progress, set priorities, discuss changes and more.

  • $197

A personal organizer/planner. Features include email reminders, calendar, journal, appointments, and contacts.

  • Free

A complete, powerful and easy to install NA meeting list system "in a box". It uses Google Maps, clean printing, easy localization and customization, high security, very efficient and clean code, support for multiple admins and Service Bodies, and an easy to edit centralized database for Service Bodies to provide a localized meeting list.

  • Free

An office intranet suite that includes a news page, calendar, rolodex, contact log, network status page, task list, time sheet, office survey and more.

  • Free

An employee time sheet managment solution. Setup time periods and employees can login and enter their time online. All timesheets are exportable to Excel for convenient printing and analysis.

  • Free

A web-based online notepad where you can jot down all kinds of notes and memos, organize them in folders and share those folders with your team.

  • $190

A full-featured project management system to track your company's projects. Whether you are working in a single office or spread across several states or countries, this system allows multiple users to interact efficiently. It features support for multiple users with different access privileges, project types and much more.

  • $295

A web-based script to manage your bookmarks, diary, reminders, to-do lists, contacts, knowledge, and image storage in a multi-user environment. It also includes its own live support help system, blogs, RSS feeds, customizable themes, and a discussion forum.

A tool for monitoring your employee and project hours. Staff have quick and easy access to job data, automatic alerts for new jobs, an office payroll system and project time record keeper, photo/note/file attachment to jobs, job detail list with job material usage, and more.

  • $180

This script allows notes to be entered and viewed associated with a unique file number. This can be used for organization or in conjunction with work-order systems for live updates on any given order.

  • Free

An open source business management platform that features project management and collaboration, client invoicing and accounting, task management, and internal communication.

  • Free

An easy way for recording online RSVP for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion. The admin can edit, remove, or create new forms like text fields and radio buttons, or make any field required. The text font and backgrounds can be easily changed. The information can be downloaded for Excel in CSV format and saved.

  • $29.99
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